Which Macbook would be the best for music production?

Im looking to but a Mac and Ive never used one and Im going into my first year of college and I know Macs are the best kind of computers for music production but Im not sure whether to get the Macbook, Macbook Pro, or Macbook air. I do want one that is fast large memory and portable. I was looking at the Macbook pro 13" but still not sure so if you guys do thank you so much.

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    Definitely go with any of the macbook pro series. I prefer the 15" screen just simply bc you have a larger workspace and its easier to see. Any of the new intel I5 chips work amazing and you want 4GB of ram as well. You'll have no problem recording with logic or PT in a rather large session.

    • Answered by Cj R from Sebastian
    • 24 Aug, 2011
  • I would go with the Mac Book pro 15" because the screen size is good if you are working with music and Garage band. It also has the I5 processor and 4GB of ram. The MBP also works well with any microphones I would recommend the yeti because the sound is good and uses blue tooth.

    • Answered by Sawyer M from Corte Madera
    • 12 Dec, 2011
  • Macbook pro 15" with an i7 chip at 2.6ghz or higher (otherwise you may have issues using mutiple effects and vst's.. Depending on how you work with audio it would be worth having the maximum ram you can install, an example of what I mean would be: If you bounce and lot of audio down from vst's so you can manipulate the actual WAV sound you will find you eat up ram very fast. if you are just rendering using the vst, synths in there normal form with out bouncing you wont need so much, depends on your style.

    • Answered by Owen E
    • 15 Jan, 2013
  • I just purchased a 13" Macbook Pro for my son for college – he's taking classes in Music. The small footprint is great and the processor is great but WARNING! There is only one headphone jack that does double duty for input and output you – you need to toggle between the two in system preferences!.

    You can't play guitar into the headphone jack AND monitor the music out! Seriously this is a huge issue.

    Does anyone have an answer or solution for this? We may need to return it and get a 15".

    • Answered by Grady P from Sappington
    • 10 Jun, 2013