The description is utterly contradictory... Is it Laser or InkJet? Is it some kind of new Laser that uses ink?

Your product description is bizarre. There is no indication of what type of printer this is. The following is copy/pasted directly from your description on this website: OVERVIEW: "HP's PageWide Pro 477dw color printer delivers high performance without compromise. Save up to 40% on your color cost per page, versus laser printers, while printing faster than other color lasers in their class." (Saying "versus laser printers" one would infer that it is an inkjet but within the same sentence you say "...faster than other color lasers" which would lead one to believe it's a laser printer since you're saying "OTHER"...) WHAT'S IN THE BOX: "HP 972A Setup cartridges (Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow)" I looked up these cartridges and they are indeed ink cartridges, not toner cartridges. Inkjet uses liquid ink by definition and laser whether it be traditional laser or LED laser, uses powdered toner and heat. TECH SPECS: "Printer Ink Tanks: Four (Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow)" (This again references liquid ink, therefore indicating an inkjet...) TECH SPECS: "Printer Technology: Laser" (This is the very next line after saying, "Printer Ink Tanks", thereby directly identifying this as a laser printer?) So which is it? I'm confused... I have done a tremendous amount of research attempting to find a reliable, quality printer. Weeks and countless hours have been irrevocably lost in this quest, fueled by the frustrations of previously owned disappointing printers... So, I thought I might find some illumination via Apple either through recommendations or the community since all the purchased products in our household are Apple products. We have iPhones, and iPads, and AirBooks and MacBook Pros and Mac desktops and I don't even know how many sets of AirPods and music players... Please make it clear...

  • Asked by Simone L from Windsor

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  • This is InkJet printer

    • Answered by Taras K