This case is listed as Green/Lime, but the photo shows the side to be a dark teal green. Is the front half of the side lime green? Is it 2-toned?

Iphone 11 OtterBox Traction case.

  • Asked by Cheri G from Wading River

2 Answers from the Community

  • If you look at the photo the “lime green” part is paint splatters they have added to the green part of the case

    • Answered by Mackenzie S from Maple Ridge
  • There are flecks lime green, but the rest of it is a very dark green. I will also note that the back of the case is very slippery. Be careful not to knock into it if it's sitting on a counter or table. It will slide as off though it's glass.

    • Answered by Regina G from South Setauket