using Xbox 360 and iMac

is this the proper device for the following network:

>one Mac (late-model 27" iMac) in the room with the AirPort Express
>one Xbox 360 in a different room
>connection to cable internet via a standard router (furnished by cable provider, working as a wired setup for the iMac now )

and a follow-up question:

Is there any chance this wireless net will interfere with any wireless connections in the house, such as the Mac keyboard or mouse, the Xbox controller or a wireless home phone? I assume the frequencies are very different.

  • Asked by fn from Sun City
AirPort Express

AirPort Express

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    Sure, plug the router into your Airport Express and you should be able to enjoy WiFi to all of the devices (assuming they support it and they are in range). Best bet is to connect the Airport Express to the router (where your iMac is currently plugged in) and power cycle the router, then the Airport Express to 'reset' all of the connections. One thing to note is that sometimes ISP's limit the number of devices connected to your router based on MAC (physical network device) address, so if your iMac was registered as the 'one device' you may have to contact the ISP to reset it so that you can switch to the Airport Express as your primary device. Then, the Airport Express can share that connection out with multiple devices as you describe.

    • Answered by Garth H from Sacramento