Will The Apple Extreme replace the BT Home Hub (Black one)

I am on BT Infinity and have a Home Hub (think it is HH3 - the black one) and I am having major issues using my Apple TV's (ATV 2 and ATV3) with the HH due to constant network drop outs. Will The Extreme replace my HH ) I have a BT modem connected to the Hh which I could connect to the extreme).

  • Asked by fn
AirPort Extreme

AirPort Extreme

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    I've replaced our home hub 3 with an AirPort Extreme and it works just fine, a big improvement, no more loss of network.

    • Answered by Philip F
  • Hi,

    The reason for the drop outs is the Homehub sees the broadcast packets transmitted from the AppleTV as spamming the network and so shuts them down. I had the same issue. The wireless stopped but cable continued.

    A quick reboot of the homehub fixed this. i know this is not ideal but it is a workaround.

    I am in a similar place to you and hoping the new APExtreme will replace the Homehub.

    • Answered by Matt H