Will the range on the new Airport Express be stronger than the previous model?

Due to my cable companies decision, my connection box & Airport Express is located in a closet. I sometimes struggle to get a signal everywhere in my condo, which is not very large to begin with.

  • Asked by fn from Bloomington
AirPort Express

AirPort Express

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  • yes, it should improve the range. i have mine in a closet, too and i have seen about 75 feet more range.

    • Answered by Matt F from Longwood
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    Yes and no. In a sense that it is dual band, you may be able to achieve greater range if your devices support dual bands. Otherwise there will not be a major noticeable difference.

    If you are having range issues. I recommend purchasing an airport extreme to go in the closet then using your existing airport express to extend the network range.

    • Answered by Sean D from Tempe
  • It probably does but if it doesn't it most likely isn't worse but I recommend this to you because this version has a longer power lead so you could also buy a longer Ethernet cable and then place the router outside the closet it could look a bit messy but it should improve the range

    • Answered by Padraic W