Will this fit a MacBook Pro (early 2011) model (non-retina display)?

3M Anti-glare Display Protector and Privacy Filter

3M Anti-glare Display Protector and Privacy Filter

Product No Longer Available

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  • This filter does not properly fit the 2009 MacBook Pro. I wanted this product for the anti-glare aspect, not for privacy. One side of the filter is for anti-glare, and the other side is for privacy. I have a 2009 13" MacBook Pro and the filter does not fit properly. It comes with two-sided tape for attaching it; I was expecting the kind that uses static to attach. You need to tape the filter to the screen so it covers everything and doesn't fall off, but doing this leaves about a half inch of the MacBook Pro screen unprotected around the perimeter. (The black border on the computer screen unprotected.)

    In my opinion, using the anti-glare side of the filter does not cut the glare enough to justify how bad it makes the screen look. I would estimate it cuts the *resolution* at least by 30%. I would estimate that the filter cuts the *glare* by about 10%.

    HOWEVER, the privacy side of the filter works as advertised; it blacks out the screen as the viewing angle widens, but you still need to tape it to the screen.

    Even if this filter fit correctly, I would have still returned it because it doesn't cut the glare enough to justify lessening the resolution as much as it does.
    However, if it fit correctly and I needed a privacy screen, this would be a good product.