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    • Written by Erik B from San Antonio

    This is a nice product. It looks good. It holds the MAC well. It's just a little flimsy and bendy.

    I bent one of the arms a bit taking it out of package. I didn't pull hard. I just took off the really tight, thick packaging.

    It still works but it makes you wonder about what I paid for it. The packaging is awesome but the product is so flimsy and bendy that it can be bent just by removing the packaging?

    I'm going to keep it. It works. It looks nice but I spent a lot of time and used a level to get it back to even. I shouldn't have to do that for $70.

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    Macbook charger

    • Written by Srinivasa rao M from Mobile

    I dont know on what basis you guys designed the apple macbook charger. I am having hard time to plug it in , every single time it'll fell down because of the over weight.

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    Good and bad

    • Written by Janet B from Nottingham

    I have this stand and when I used it with my old Macbook Pro it kept sliding off. I had to put some non slip material-the sort you can buy for trays etc- under it to prevent the laptop landing on my desk every time I left it.
    I now have a new Macbook and it doesn't have the same problem.
    However, there is another problem. When I open the laptop I have to steady it or it tips over to the side of the V. I think parallel arms might be better but may not look so snazzy.

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