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    Impressed with the incredible speed

    I was tossing between a 2 TB drive with Thunderbolt cable + USB 3.0 options and one just with USB 3.0 but 7200 RPM. I decided on the G-Technology drive but had to settle with 1 TB space. I bought another 2 TB USB drive 5400 RPM earlier from another manufacturer but was annoyed with the time taken for backing up my Mac Pro data.

    With this 1 TB G-Tech 7200 RPM drive, I was able to do my first Mac clone of 220 GB in about 1 hour 45 minutes time!. As I write this review an update of the existing clone of 60GB was done in 20 minutes!

    Not much of noise or heat generated in the process for the impressive speeds. I am giving it 4 stars just because I was unable to get the 2TB option with 7200 RPM.

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