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    My Apple Pencil never fall on the ground ever again.

    • Written by Ryan H from Tampa

    When first bought my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil I was ecstatic. This amazing technology is just what I was looking for to replace paper and all my colored pencils, think of the savings. Then I stared having problems! Every time I needed to put down the Apple Pencil and use the 10 input multitouch screen it would roll off the desk and onto the floor, I was devastated. If only apple had designed a hexagonal shape like my colored pencils. Until I found this product I had to use a pineapple to hold my Apple Pencil, it was basically a pineapple apple pen, pretty messy. This was worth every penny. I can now get rid of the month old rotting pineapple on my desk. Thanks Belkin, Thank You Apple.

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