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    Convenient and Functional!

    When I bought this product, I was literally scrambling around the mall to grab a few things before a trip and swiped this off the shelf without really looking at any of its specs. Luckily for me, it was an awesome grab! Not only does it give my phone (iPhone 6s, 2015) a few extra charges throughout a long day, it's also aesthetically pleasing, lightweight, slim enough to fit in the small pockets of my purse and eliminates the need to carry around a cumbersome cord. In addition, it is about the size of my phone too, so when I am charging it, I can easily and comfortably stack them on top of each other in my hand, without a long, droopy cord dangling around.

    A potential downside for some though would be that the cord that comes attached to it is very short, so you might need to tote around an extra cord if you're more the type to shove the charger in your back pocket while still using your phone.

    TLDR: portable, fast charging, convenient, lightweight, cute! might need to use your own longer cord

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