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    Does exactly what it should do and looks good!

    • Written by Thomas P from Singapore

    This charging dock is perfect for iPhones as well as iPads, plus other Apple accessories with Lightning connector. As long as you pay attention to use the *correct adaptor for the Lightning connector of the supplied cable and don't use a different cable*, your iPhone or iPad will firmly sit in this dock, and you simply lift up the phone to remove it from the dock.I would have given 5 stars would the dock be even heavier, because sometimes you need to use one finger of the hand that is lifting the phone to safely detach it from the dock. This happens when you don't lift it at the exact angle in which the connector is pointing. Still, you never have to use two hands to remove the phone from the dock, which sets it apart from Apple's truly terrible 'iPhone Lightning Dock', which is flimsy, light, always requires two hands to pick up the phone, and its connector will certainly break within days should you have small children in your house. This dock is also better than the much more expensive, yet also mediocre 'Logi BASE Charging Stand for iPad Pro', because the Native Union DOCK+ provides a) a fully functional connection of your iPhone or iPad to a Mac or PC, so you can sync or back up, which you can *not* do with the Logi stand, and b) it will always provide a safe connection, while the Logi stand gives you a 50% chance of not charging your iPad Pro at all.

    With respect, I vehemently disagree with the review by the gentleman from Hong Kong. The cable of this dock is * super firmly* held by the supplied adapter, and the negative comment can only be explained by the usage of a different cable than the one supplied. The adapters are built to fit the cable that comes with the dock. I have tried the original Apple Lightning cable as well as a few others. Most of them have a Lightning connector housing that happens to be smaller or shaped differently than the one of the supplied cable, so they will not fit into the adaptor, creating the effect described in this other review.

    In summary:


    - iPhone or iPad sits in the dock snugly and firmly, as long as the right adaptor for the connector is used. Native Union supplies three adaptors, one for an iPhone/iPad without a case, one for an iPhone/iPad with a normal case, and one for an iPhone/iPad with a up to 3.5 mm thick case.
    - iPhone can be lifted from the dock with one hand
    - the heft and the design of the dock give you a high quality impression
    - the base of the dock allows rolling up excess cable and hosts the two unused adaptors, so you won't easily lose them or wonder where you left them should you require to change adaptors


    - the dock could be a good bit heavier to ensure you can lift your iPhone/iPad off the dock without touching it at all
    - children can not bend and break the connector to the back, thanks to the support there, but if the iPhone/iPad is tilted to the front, the Lightning connector will still break and you will need to get a new cable from Native Union

    I recommend this product and will order a couple more for myself.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Worse Dock Ever Owned

    • Written by Dean R from Hong Kong

    Not mentioning the steep price of this dock, the design is extremely poor.

    When unplugging an iphone from the dock, the cord slides out of the dock. It's basically a block of plastic with a loose charging cord. You need to grip the iphone and hold the cord in the dock to use this. A simple cord would have been better.

    Regrettably, this a waste of money.

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