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    Beginner Mode...HAH!!

    Its my first venture into the Drone industry. I took the drone out of the box and began flying in "Beginner Mode". After 2 days of flying in this mode, I switched over and began flying like a pro. Easy to use and smooth as heck in the air and the videos are also smooth. I took a chance of buying the best Drone from the onset thinking I should buy a cheaper drone just in case I crashed it or ran into a tree or building. But this Drone avoids even my rookie mistakes. I very seldom use "Home" button now. I land this bad boy myself. I highly suggest this Drone.........HAPPY FLYING!!!!

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    5 Star Worthy!

    I usually don't review products online, but I really wanted to share how much I love this drone. I have tried the the Mavic Air and Spark with dji and also the Bebop 2 Power drone with Parrott and NON of those compare to this drone. As a Professional Photographer this Mavic Pro is the BEST for the money! Amazing Pictures, great quality and no lag. The first set up process to make sure everything is running smoothly and download correctly it can take up to 2-3 hours. After that you are free sailing! Amazing quality for an amazing drone! This is a must have!

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    DJI Mavic Pro Alpine White Combo

    When you need to fly a drone thats going to give you those shots and video you only thought was capable by a producer. Think again this is it. amazing 4k filming / photography /editing .. ease of use / return to home / obstacle avoidance / landing sensors this drone can do all that and much much more ..
    slim lightweight / small / foldable / spare batteries / long flight time I could go on and on but do not just take this from me read any review anywhere these drones are beyond spectacular once you get some practise in with a little home / whoop drone and when your comfortable with directions and altitude etc go for it you wont be let down by this drone

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    Best Drone on the market

    I bought this prior to the Mavic Air coming out, but I would have to say as my first drone and wanting to get some great footage, this is the best drone on the market for the money. Its sturdy, and easy to follow with camera settings and controller settings. Took some time to read the manual because I wanted to be safe with this Mavic Pro and follow all FAA guidelines. I would have to say for my first drone and into photography, this was the best deal for the quality. The support online and phone is incredible. I purchased the Refresh package which DJI offers for accidental damage. The package was well constructed and having 3 batteries and the white color was ideal be in the sky and not so bothersome to viewers. I highly recommend and there are no regrets here. Have fun!

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Could never get the IMU to initialize

    Drone seems good and well built. However, after following all of the instructions and doing multiple look ups for solutions and tries to initialize the IMU, it would never initialize. Gave up after 4 days of effort. Never got it off the ground.

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    Great combo along with a clean, white finish

    First of all, the combo offered is definitely worth purchasing, along with the new finish on the Mavic itself. Although this model is not the Platinum, the *extra* two batteries (3 in total), and the ability to purchase and use the low-noise propellers makes this quite a worthwhile package. All in all, its a fantastic drone; very portable with great battery life and a decent camera.

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    So far so good

    great values again comes with 3 batteries when only advertised as 2 so very good value definitely should buy if you have been looking for a nice good valued portable drone.

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    Comes with three batteries total

    The description says it includes two batteries but I just bought one and sure enough it includes three total, I guess they meant two extra batteries? For the price this is a pretty nice deal. Enough for me to take the leap!

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    Mavic Pro Alpine White Combo

    Purchased this stunning new drone from Apple at Brent Cross yesterday and it looks really impressive. Highly recommend and a great deal as a limited addition by DJI and exclusive to Apple customers only. The description listed by Apple here is incorrect as the combo comes with 5 pairs of props (not 3) and 3 batteries in total (not 2) in the box which is a huge saving over the more common, original version which only has 1 battery and 6 props for just £50 less. The all alpine white really makes this brand new model look very sleek!

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