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    Great feel

    I bought this for my charger cables for my MacBook Pro and iPhone. I got in in Yellow - I love the vibrant colour, and knew I wouldn't lose it! It's made of beautiful materials - the out side of the case is soft but firm, you would have no worries about this getting damp. And inside the material that makes up the pockets is so soft you'd think it would be extremely flimsy but I've put thick charger blocks and sockets in there and it hasn't left a dent. My only criticism is the ring pull, it's a small circular piece of metal like you'd put small keys on, I think it would feel much better as a thicker piece of plastic or leather, it doesn't feel quite big enough to be able to get a hold of, but it's not a problem and takes nothing away. I also imagine the stripe on the side would work great if it was only attached at the two ends, so you could use it as a carry strap and put your hand through, but again that's not a big problem.
    I like this so much I'm tempted to get the laptop sleeve in a different colour to go with it.

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