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    Battery charges MacBook Pro and iPhone Xs Max simultaneously

    • Written by Robert H from Castro Valley

    While I am using both, the battery is charging my MacBook Pro (15-inch 2018) and my iPhone Xs Max, at the same time.
    Keeps thing working when I am away from a wall plug.
    Provides power to both devices during long meetings & presentations.

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    The best USB-C battery in its class!

    • Written by Ron L from Kurashiki-shi

    From the picture I thought this would be fabric on metal, but it’s just fabric on plastic. Though the fabric does look and feel great in person. The benefit of plastic is that it keeps the weight down. This is one of the lightest and smallest battery at around 26000 mAh. The fabric looks like it is glued on. The craftsmanship is fantastic, but I’m not sure how long it’ll last before peeling due to heating.

    It charges my Nintendo Switch super fast. I love USB-C PD and will never go back to regular USB-C.

    Unless you're a Mophie fan, I wouldn't get this at $150. It is the nicest and lightest power bank in its class. It is a welcome change from the aluminum and cheap plastic blocks. However the one thing that’s unforgivable for me is the lack of a USB-C 45W PD Charger. I have to do further research and pair it with an off brand charger. Why can’t Mophie include a 45W charger at this high of a price?

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    Simple and fast recharge speed

    • Written by Mark R from Hehe

    This powerbank with 30watts charger can charge it in full within 4 hours! I tested for my MacBook Pro 2018 it gives 10% in 10 mins when the lid is close. Overall, it is a good product with premium quality !

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent product.

    • Written by Byron C from Washington

    Best Mophie battery. This has rapid charging for iPhone and iPad for the later models that support rapid charging. You need to use the USB-C to lightening output to take advantage of the rapid charging. This works for my iPhone X and iPad Pro 10.5. This will not charge a Mac Book Pro which requires 85 W. It is advertised for the MacBook which requires less power. If you need to charge a Mac Book Pro you can use the Mophie XXL AC which has an AC output. Another nice feature of this battery is that you can charge two devices at the same time you are recharging the Mophie battery. This comes in handy when we travel. Sometimes there are not enough electrical outlets in hotels. The cloth covering for the battery is quite durable and keeps the battery looking new.

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    Can be Safely Charged with MacBook Charger Rated at 87W

    • Written by Ron L from Hong Kong

    My MacBook charger is rated at 87 watts, but the Mophie 3XL indicates 45-watt rating for input. Can I safely charge the Mophie using the MacBook charger or should I source a charger with maximum output rating of 45 watts?

    This Mophie 3XL can be safely charged with the MacBook charger rated at 87W. The MacBook charger will communicate with the powerstation to establish a 45W power transfer automatically.

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