• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great but clunky

    • Written by Matthew F from TEANECK

    It was a bit clunky for my taste, but it definitely provided a lot of protection and did a great job. I returned it because the pencil cover flap kept coming off the back and getting in the way.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Case, ignore the 1 star reviews

    • Written by Matthew C from Bennington

    While this case does not have many options for standing the iPad up, it is still the best case out there for this size of the iPad Pro. The folks who gave this case a 1 star were not very fair in my opinion. The pencil does not drain the battery quickly, and what’s more is the case can support the iPad without the pencil in it if that’s a problem. And as far as the flap, it is magnetic and will stick to the back end up the case, inside or outside. So it is not a problem for viewing whatsoever. People should really take a close look at the item before giving it a 1. The clear back is awesome because, we all know but maybe won’t all admit, we like to show off our nicely crafted, hefty priced iPad Pro. Anyway, great case, slim, sleek and very protective. I am very pleased, and I should mention, I did buy and return another brand and style before purchasing this one. So I am not keen to settle on something that isn’t 100% satisfying, especially for the price.

    Hope this helps anyone thinking about purchasing. Oh and it’s a 4 only because it would be nice to have more options to stand it up in different ways.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Doesn't fall over

    • Written by Paul C from Bromley

    This is just to respond to the other reviewer who commented that the weight of the iPad caused the case to collapse. It doesn't for me, and I've had this since it was released with no such problems.

    This is the best case from the perspective of protecting fully the 11-inch iPad. I also like how the Apple Pencil is protected under the flap of the case. I dropped a star as I really would have preferred the black which is apparently available elsewhere in the world - the light grey looks a little cheap and plasticky, in my view. However, others may disagree and the bottom line is that this case does the job just fine.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Best case available

    • Written by Tim J from Minneapolis

    With limited options currently available, the Otterbox case is the best available for overall protection and functionality. Apples’s case pales in comparison to this in protection from drops and other daily use woes. The clear “scratch resistant” back is from from that, picking up visible scuffs the first day in a laptop padded backpack compartment. The case keeps the Apple Pencil securely attached while allowing it to charge simultaneously. A bit pricey but worth the cost to protect your investment.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    If you’re worried about bending iPads, get this case.

    • Written by Vijay K from Chicago

    Seen all the stuff out there about iPads prone to bending? Worried? Get this case.

    The bad thing is the case is on the bulky side. The good? It’s got a transparent back so you can see the logo and color. Nice. The flap tat some complain about doesn’t get in the way and does keep the pencil in place.

    Another bad thing (and I don’t fault Otter, really) is there’s no way to store the pencil except on the iPad itself. This constantly. Barges the pencil, good, but at the expense of your iPad, not good. If they added an external loop of some kind, it would be perfect ��

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Best iPad Pro case of 2018, still isn’t perfect

    • Written by Talha M from Danville

    I recently returned the Apple keyboard folio and exchanged it for this case and a Bluetooth keyboard. It’s tough not having a connected keyboard, but this case is significantly better than Apple’s own keyboard folio. I had to replace my iPad because it cracked after a fall when it slipped out of its folio case. This happened because the “hinge” or bend point built into the back of the folio is made to come off of the iPad so that the keyboard can get into proper position. Unfortunately, if it detaches when the iPad is being held, the magnets may misalign causing slippage. After that incident cost my $50 (thank you AppleCare!), I knew I had to switch.

    The new iPad Pro is noticeably more fragile than the previous generation, so edge & corner protection will be even more key in extending the life of the $800+ device. Otterbox’s case covers the edges and corners well but unobtrusively, doesn’t get in the way when you want to write, and folds away nicely. It covers the Apple Pencil, which I think is very inventive. Otterbox is actually adding functionality here. Not only is the Apple Pencil covered and protected, but it is now almost impossible for it to be knocked off in a bag or when held in the hand. The clear plastic back lets me see the beautiful space grey aluminum better than the matte grey folio (which covered the whole back of the display) while keeping the device inside secure. The case very slim, especiallly for an Otterbox, but notably thicker than the folio. However, not only so I think a thicker case is worth it to counteract the new iPad’s fragility, but even with the case the iPad is still much slimmer than most laptops. This is heavy-duty protection that doesn’t feel heavy-duty. It’s nice to look at, not very bulky, and definitely isn’t a stereotypical Otterbox. I’m no longer afraid of my iPad breaking, which frankly is a constant risk with a purely magnetic folio. The design aesthetic of the iPad Pro is still visible through the case, which seems to recognize and respect the Art Deco-esque industrial design that Apple gave its slimmest ever iOS device. Simply put, it’s a superb case.

    The problems with this case are the limited viewing angles, the lack of a keyboard option/covering up the smart connector, and mushy buttons. This case goes back to the tradition three-panel folio cover that has the same viewing angles as iPad seems to have had since the original. The folio only had two official viewing angles as well, but they were a bit more useful. In addition, one could flip over the folio and use it in a sort of “tent configuration” for better angles. Not so here. It’s fine, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t notice it. What I definitely notice is the lack of connected keyboard. I have always loved Apple’s smart connector. It’s a much better keyboard solution than Bluetooth. It’s a shame that the new keyboard for the 2018 iPad Prosmart connector is so substandard, as now Bluetooth is my only option. There are some fun options out there, but it’s inherently less convenient to have no access to a keyboard here. I wish that Otterbox offered a keyboard with its case somehow. Finally, he buttons on the iPad Pro have no click to them when used with this case, and it’s hard to know if/when you’ve actually pressed them. This makes volume control with buttons a bit harder (though I usually use the touch screen for volume anyway), bu really it’s most annoying when using the power button to summon Siri. So, this device is certainly not a five-star product. Still, the pros more than outtweigh the cons. This is the most expensive iPad ever made, and it’s more important than ever the the investment be protected. There is no case that will do that better than Otterbox. You can imagine a better case, but you cannot find a better case than this one.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good quality

    • Written by Armin K from Roseville

    This is overall a very good quality case. It's low profile and provides good protection. My only complaint is that the flaps can get in the way.

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