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    SuperDudDrive does not work on 2017 MacBook Pro

    I used this a few time with 2011 & 2014 MacBook Pros which had traditional USB ports, but when trying to use it through a USB-C adapter on my new 2017 MacBook Pro I get a message that the USB drive needs power...it's supposed to be powered through the USB connection and there is no other power source.

    I connected a ThinkPad USB DVD drive to my MacBook Pro the same way and it worked fine.

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    Absolute Junk

    Don't bother buying this. It's complete junk. I can't even get my MacBook to read that it's connected. I come to find out that it's because you cannot use a USB connector - it needs to be directly connected to a USB port on the computer. Well, that would be great if the MacBook actually had a USB port. Piece of junk - don't waste your money!

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    Truly the worst product ever made by Apple

    Tim Cook and the rest of the executive team should be deeply ashamed to have a product this awful attached to their name. Shame, shame, shame.

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    Load of rubbish don't waste your money

    Can not eject the cd . Eventually i got it to show up in finder and then went to file and then press eject . The Cd icon just disappears from the desk top and nothing happens . Also tried command and e and nothing happens i will give this -10 out of 10 rubbish rubbish rubbish

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    useless rubbish!

    slow and too painful to load photos to view - find another drive to use - this is not fit for purpose

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    One Star because no option for zero stars

    The product simply does not work, period. Multiple, commercial, CDs were put in the unit and each time the unit whirs for 30 or so seconds and ejects the disk. When I brought this to an Apple Clerk at the Charleston SC Apple Store, to pay for it, he asked me if it was a return----that should have warned me off. Why did new computers stop having built in CD/ROM drives anyway........ Avoid.

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    Rubbish USB Superdrive

    This item has been used twice. The second and last time (about 5 minutes ago) the disc got stuck. So a useless piece of hardware for an expensive cost and a lost disc, which contained a Digital Image Suite. No buttons to eject only an intermittent whirr. I have owned over a year therefore outside of the warranty period and probably no come backs on Apple unless I turn up at one of the posh shops and remove the disc with a hammer and chisel in front of the customers.
    Do not buy this product

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    Wow is all I can say.

    I love apple ...but wow, just Wow. I'm speechless.

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    Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't . When it does its ridiculously slow. Don't buy it. Cant give it no stars but I would if I could.

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    Run away. Seriously.

    This may be the first one-star review I've ever written, and I should have listened to all the other one-star reviews for the SuperDrive. This drive is incredibly unreliable, failing to read CDs that are no problem on other drives. There is no mechanical eject, and I now have a CD stuck inside with no way to retrieve it. Go with a non-Apple solution. The SuperDrive is far below the typically high quality of Apple products; don't fool yourself into thinking that if it comes from Apple it must be good. I cannot imagine how Apple is comfortable shipping a product that is so flawed.

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    Worthless piece of...

    Bought a new iMac in October 2017; Apple no longer includes an internal CD-ROM drive so I ended up with this. BIG mistake. I'm now on my second one (not allowed to actually RETURN it, only exchange) and I'm beyond tired of it spitting out almost half the discs I put in it. It gets about 2/3 through a disc, spits it out and quits, yet iTunes thinks the CD is still in the drive. Doesn't matter what record label the disc came from... Sony, Universal, Warner... this drive hates 'em all. If I could afford to throw this thing away and buy something else, I would.

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    Only bad apple product

    Brand new, never played a single CD. I tried every CD in my collection and rejected most of them, some got stuck insid. Worst product ever

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    USB SuperDrive a Piece of

    I purchased a 27" mac OS Sierra 10.12.6 in 2016, about 18 months ago. I quickly realized I would need the USB superdrive to listen to CD's and burn them. I only started to burn CD's in the past month and it worked once. Now it does not work! Nor can I eject the CD I was about to burn.

    Already I have had to replace the harddrive about 14 months after I purchased the computer (one year warranty expired), and now this piece of junk stopped working. I am sure I have used it six times listening to CD's and this was the second attempt at burning a CD. Mac quality has gone down the toilet. I have a second hand Macbook which continues to work after I've used it for ten years, but the new stuff...I am not impressed!

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    Utter rubbish

    At about the time the end of warranty was nearing, it started rejecting discs spasmodically. I didn't think it was a fault & didn't use it on a daily basis. By the time the warranty ended, it would not accept any discs at all. I've resorted to a Nu drive that is over 10 years old &, while sometimes the Mac won't start up with it connected, it otherwise works flawlessly. I've used Apple for almost 25 years & they're not what they used to be & just seem to be resting on their laurels, these days.

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    Don't Buy

    Brought this item thinking it would work with no problem. Had it for a year and still does not work. Don't buy!!!!!

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    Save your money!!

    Worked at best 5 times in the last couple of years. Not their best product.

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    Missing the most important thing

    So, I just purchased the brand new 2017 MBPro 15" and asked for the Mouse and Optical Drive. Thought, this is so exciting and I cannot wait to get home to use it. Guess what.... it is a USB2.1 cable and not the USB-C so it is unable to be used without now having to go buy an adapter. There should have been an updated version for this product when the new USB-C MacBooks came out.

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    Absolute piece of junk

    The CD drive on the 486SX I purchased in the late 90s worked flawlessly - opened every time. Yet Apple is struggling with this concept. Like all Apple products that do away with useful features like an eject "button" in the name of styling, this product will fast become a paperweight - an expensive one. Time after time DVDs would jam in this thing would require all sorts of reboots and even command lines in terminal to get the disc out. Finally, it just wouldn't respond to anything and that was the end of the product. And don't think there is any way you can simply prize it open with a knife etc - no no no, its only resting place has to be the bin.

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    External Drive

    Not good. It eats your discs. Not sure what you should buy to replace, but don't buy this.

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    USB Superdrive

    I bought this 18 months ago with my MacBook Pro Retina and used it to make several DVD's of a family wedding. Come to use it again last week and there was nothing. No recognition on the desktop but it was powered up as you could hear the drive start and see a red light inside the slot. Time to call an Apple expert on the timed phone call service. Bottom line was the hard drive had gone...Superdrive has only done 5 DVD's. What really made me annoyed was the technician told me the drive has broken because it's not been powered up on a regular basis. So Apple have made a product to self destruct if you do not power it up every couple of weeks......I am totally stunned and disgusted.

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