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    Buy some Sugru and put it on your cord when you take it out of the box

    • Written by Joshua F from Jonesboro

    Any cord that you constantly plug and unplug will wear out over time. Buy some Sugru and put it on the cord before you use it. It is a putty that you can mold and shape that will stiffen up after 24 hours. It is a few bucks per pack and 1 pack will work for both ends of the cord. It comes in cool colors and will last for years in the refrigerator until you need to use it.

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    New design works with iPads

    • Written by Kevin W from Grass Valley

    Apple has apparently redesigned the cable. The new one I just bought is thicker and fully charges my iPads while they are being used.

    Look for the new model number to insure you are getting the redesigned cable: M0819AM/A

    I have an older version of this 2m cable and it did not fully charge my iPads (Air 2 and 12.9" Pro). The "Not Charging" message would appear around 90% charged and would remain there. If you put the iPad to sleep it would finish charging.

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    Awesome charger

    • Written by Emory V from Cockeysville

    While most don't have a through understanding of electronics, as I do, Those that complain about it not working are probably using a 1amp charger with the long cable. Highly recommend using the iPad charging block (just because it says for iPad doesn't mean it won't work with the iPhone, iPhone will pull what it can handle up to the limit on its own) with this cable for best results. Longer cable = more resistance to power coming down the line, hence the higher power charging block recommendation.

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    Surprisingly, it lasted.

    • Written by Savanna J from Cumberland Furnace

    I originally got this cable with my iPad Pro December of 2015, and here I am in January of 2017 and it still works. I am buying a new one because the end where the iPad/iPhone connects to is falling apart and there's no telling when it will give out on me. But still, I am impressed. Usually Apple chargers are no good.

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    Best Cable for your iPhone

    • Written by Adrian S from Jamaica Plain

    I have 2 of these cables and they are the best. They seem thicker than the short length cables and they are in perfect condition. Honestly, if people take care of their products and unplug and plug them in properly (holding the actual plug and not the cable) they will last forever.

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    Lightning to USB Cable (2 m)

    • Written by Leslie K from New Castle

    This cord is sturdy and has held up very well. I ordered one in 2015 and it still works great. Ordering an additional one for the office.

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    A cable that just works.

    • Written by Erica R from SAINT PAUL

    I love the 2m (almost 10') of this cable. That extra few feet make all the difference from the std 1m/3f cables. I can plug in with the freedom to not have to camp next to an outlet just to get a charge. One sells me on the Apple cables, thought the price is high for it, it is RELIABLE lightning connectors. I've tried being the after market brand cables, and I don't know what is so hard about manufacturing the ends, but the they fail quickly. The Apple cables are the only ones that keep working. Back with the 30-pin connector I could see more going wrong, but with the lighting connector it's a solid piece w/ contact strips, no pins/springs. Maybe the 3rd party cables use cheap/thin metal coatings. Stick with Apple. Though I do wish they'd offer a cloth/no-kink version also.

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    Haven't had any problems so far

    • Written by Finlay M

    I've read plenty of reviews saying that Apple's Lightning cables are awful and break easily, but I honestly haven't had any problems with my cable so far, and I've had it for around 1.5 years, plugging it in far more frequently than most people would due to the not very long battery life of my iPod touch. To be honest, my cable looks almost just as good as it did when it was brand new.
    The only bad part of these cable are that they are slightly overpriced, but they're made by Apple, so that's probably why.

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    Mine lasted years!

    • Written by Caroline T from Bradford

    My cable has lasted years. If you hold the part that plugs into the phone rather than the wire, then your charger will last 10 times longer.

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    Fav Charger, 2.0m lightning

    • Written by Deanna D from Winnipeg

    Before this charger I would buy a third party charger every 3 months, even the apple cords that i would stumble upon i would manage to break.. Then I found this long charger at apple and gave it a try. I took real good care of my charger (wrapping it up instead of shoving it in a bag) and it is finally giving out almost 3.5 years later! My dog has ran into it ripping it out of my charging phone at least 10+ times, I have yanked it forgetting it is even charging way to many times to admit, etc! If you can take care of your cord and try to not use your phone at all while it is charging, your cord will last you MUCH longer than the smaller cords!

    It is much more durable too, thicker even. I bought one for my boyfriend as he rips through chargers every second month, and this one is just reaching a full year. Beyond happy with this product!

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    USB Cable

    • Written by Patricia P from Milbridge

    I have had this charger for over 2 years and it goes with me on my travels and I use it everyday while I am watching tv. I have had no problems with this charger and it even gets caught under my recliner chair and still works fine. Happy to have the length of a 2 ml. Getting one for my son. He loves the length.

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    Are people swinging from these cords?

    • Written by Micheal B from West Valley

    I have only had to replace one OE cable since the first Iphone and I have multiple iPhones, Ipads, iPods, and the kids have only ruined one cable since the iPods that were under a gig. This cable is thicker and holds up just fine and the length is very handy. I won't even buy aftermarket anymore because I have had such good luck with this 2M cable and every other Apple OE charging/sync cable. Stop abusing the cable and treat it like your ability to charge your phone depends on it. I always roll them in in a loose circle and pull them by the plug and they last for years, I haven't even unpackaged the cables from the last five iPhones. I am buying another 2m cable tonight because I like the length, too bad these don't come with the Apple products originally. Take care of your cables and they will last fine.

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    Great when you need the extra length

    • Written by Kanwal A from Skärholmen

    Never had any problems with apples own products.

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    Perfect with care.

    • Written by Alfredo B from Montclair

    I take care of my chargers and this one has lasted for months. Still in beautiful condition.

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    No problems with Apple cable I bought

    • Written by Lesley P from Harrogate

    Purchased Apple 2m cable and adaptor over a year ago with new iPad Pro. Not had any problem with it. I tend to leave cable plugged in to adaptor and just plug other end into iPad when needed. I think if you handle it gently it shouldn’t come apart as some people have experienced. I also bought a 1m cable and adaptor from another company to use elsewhere. Yes, it was cheaper but I find the cable too short to plug in directly to wall socket if I want to use iPad whilst it’s charging. Have to plug in to an extension socket. Also the cheaper one takes ages to fully recharge the iPad even when not in use. I suppose you get more reviews from unhappy customers to complain and there are many more satisfied customers who don’t bother to send a review.

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    A Little Extra Comes a Long Way

    • Written by Pablo V from Fullerton

    As we all know, a little extra comes a long way. This Cable comes by default with the iPad Pro. I was amazed with the length and thought this cable is needed for those laying in bed on the phone moments. A lot of you reading this have probably had the struggle where you want to be comfy but the charger doesn't reach. This helps out (at a reasonable length) with those problems. And on the plus side it is made by Apple for YOUR Apple Products. That means quick charging and reliable charging. Don't forget that Apple is also environmentally conscious and has removed the items that can harm the environment.

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    belkin cable

    • Written by deepak S from Melrose park

    hi guys i want to tell you that rather than buy apple charging cable you guys should buy Belkin cable they last long very much. i bought my Belkin cable 2 years ago and i am still using it.

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    Excelete cable to charge Iphone and Ipad

    • Written by Raymond F from Ceiba

    Although I do not speak English, I'll try to leave my experience with this cable. I am using 3 wires of this model all day long. more than 3 years and I have never had a problem. I've used with the iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2 and Iphone 6 and Iphone 6S Pluss and I have NEVER had a problem. It is very comfortable to use. I can move and do work while charge the device. I recommend it to everyone who needs it.

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    3 years strong

    • Written by Mark B from Melbourne

    Bought myself one of the 2m cables when I first got my iPhone5, so it may have been even longer than 3 years ago, but it basically lasted fine right up until today (when it tangled with my headphones and in a savage fit of rage I destroyed them both).
    Will definitely purchase another one today and hopefully I get another 3years out of it.

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    Pricy but they last

    • Written by Mark B from OSWESTRY

    I always use genuine Apple cables now. I have had a few non-Apple ones that just didn't last.

    I've had this cable for a couple of years and it works perfectly. I use it every day at work and it is showing no signs of wear.

    I'm buying another today ...

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