• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Another USB CABLE !!

    • Written by Eric G from Clarksburg

    I can’t believe I’m having to order another cable....oh wait ! Yes I can....the reviews are terrible and they last a few months. Cmon Apple....give us a break here.

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    Try it & see

    • Written by Christopher M from London

    There isn’t a bigger sceptic than me. I was 100% with the two for £5 brigade. I think over the years I’ve got through more of these moody ones than I can remember. Last Monday, I went into the local Apple shop & was heartbroken and having to part with nearly £30 nicka for one cable. The moody ones were getting so hot it did genuinely concern me. All the stories on hear about yes they’re wonderful or terrible. In my humble opinion, the difference in terms of manufacturing (being tangible I mean) the difference is remarkable. I’m in no way condoning the RRP for the product, how can a cable cost nearly £30 nicka which would cost no more at guesstimiation in the little people land 50p to produce. The quality is immediate once you open the box. We all know Apple is top draw & essentially you get what you pay for. It’s top quality & everything just works as we all know. The moody cables are more than likely made in the same sweatshop anyway. I’m not justifying their price in anyway, however I thing if treated more carefully & respect this should be ok for a few years. Why on earth would anybody wear a Rolex???? It’s essentially ostentatious & in your boat. I’d take Patek Philippe everyday.

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    if zero stars was an option this would get it,

    • Written by michael F from Sydney

    This is perhaps the worst piece of technology on the market, especially that an iphone cost so much yet they give you a 10cent cable that doesnt make 6 months, I have gone to Apple store In Broadway to change this and all i get is disdain and arrogance from the staff who are rude and condescending like I am trying to scam a them for their worthless 10c cable. Serious garbage and arrogant staff who would rather argue with you rather than replace the cable and keep their stupid but loyal customers, keep your receipts and dont fall for the kind of BS that staff will give you because they are so cheap that youll feel like a criminal leaving the store.

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    Just Awful!!

    • Written by Warren P from carshalton

    I canot belive apple would produce such rubbish. I have an old iPad and iPhone on the old adapter its frayed and split but still works! these new lighting cables are so bad I'm on my 4th 2 were not apple products but 2 were this one I've had for 5 months and AGAIN!!!! its failed are apple even aware how poor there cables are? or do they even care any more. Apple stuff has been breaking a lot recently the company seems top be producing so very poor stuff.

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    New design works with iPads

    • Written by Kevin W from Grass Valley

    Apple has apparently redesigned the cable. The new one I just bought is thicker and fully charges my iPads while they are being used.

    Look for the new model number to insure you are getting the redesigned cable: M0819AM/A

    I have an older version of this 2m cable and it did not fully charge my iPads (Air 2 and 12.9" Pro). The "Not Charging" message would appear around 90% charged and would remain there. If you put the iPad to sleep it would finish charging.

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    Poor Quality

    • Written by Martha M from Houston

    Purchased this from the first colony mall apple store. Been charging my phone since 5:00pm and it’s now 8:57pm. Phone is only at 65%. This is definitely not lighting fast. Paying $29 for this garbage is so disappointing. Apple has been gong down over the years.

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    Didn’t last

    • Written by tonya P from Sea Girt

    Keep in my bedroom for nighttime charging. My older cables worked better than this one. Only lasted a few months. No visible damage. Just stopped working one day. Tried different wall units and outlets. Nothing. Occasionally I plug it in and it works. Frustrating.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by Ariana R from Fullerton

    Second charger I have to get in 2018.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Stay Away from This Cable

    • Written by Alexander Y from Toronto

    The most fragile cable ever. This is the third one in ONE YEAR. Going to look for alternatives.

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    4th one of these in 18 months!

    • Written by Josh R from Prospect

    Terrible, just terrible. I’m not sure if the cable is breaking inside, or the corrosion on the gold lines on the end is the cause. Either way, it’s apparenent Apple could care less they’re making an awful product.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by Eli K from Arlington

    I just got it it works great! It is like the most awsome cord ever!!!! People who are looking for a nice charger don’t read the 3 and 2 and 1 star comments because this is a great product and I hope you buy it and enjoy it.

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    So frustrated I am yet again buying new cords!

    • Written by ellen S from duxbury

    Apple- please fix the quality of these cords or I will be switching to anything other than Iphones! With all the brilliant people at the company, this should not be difficult. I am spending so much money every couple of months for everyone in the family. This is craziness!!

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    Not bad at all

    • Written by Ray D from Gillingham

    To all the idiots who say these are badly made kindly shut up
    Are they overpriced I’m sure but that’s Apple don’t like it get a ht c
    Do they break easy yes only if you misuse them but let me tell you something
    I’ve used cheap chargers a while now last night my dad’s CE approved
    Knock off charger caught fire while he was in bed thankfully he acted as it burst into flames
    Starting to catch fire to the sheets don’t risk your health or
    Your home just to skimp on 15 quid it’s pathetic now I realise how dangerous
    The cheap ones are like heck im going back !
    Only use official please guys for your own sake

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    Poorly made

    • Written by Melissa E from Central falls

    This hasn’t even lasted me 6 months. If we’re spending $30 on a charger it should last years. Apple needs to spend more time making quality chargers. The amount of money we spend on apple- you would think this wouldn’t be an issue. Now to spend another $30 on a charger. This is outrageous. Don’t buy. Not worth the money.

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    It doesnt break if you don’t abuse it

    • Written by Melissa S from Elmhurst

    Not sure why there are so many negative reviews for these cables. Maybe others need to be a little less aggressive when handling their cable? The only time I ever need a new one is because I’ve damaged mine by getting it caught in the bedside table drawer too many times, stepping on it, or accidentally yanking or twisting the cable by grabbing my device without realizing it’s plugged in. And it takes a lot of these instances for the cable to finally give out and break. I dont use my device while plugged in, so maybe thats the issue that people are having, woth the cable bending when they use it while plugged in? It’s actually pretty durable if you’re not causing it to constantly bend all over the place.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Worst Charger than charger from dollar shops

    • Written by Krishna N from Harleysville

    All the chargers of 4 phones I bought are broken. Even after paying hundreds of dollars, why can't you provide some quality chargers. I am tired of buying multiple chargers. Terrible chargers.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Expensive Garbage

    • Written by Matt C from Prairieville

    These cables are obscenely overpriced and break very easily. They are also way too short. All cables from other manufacturers are eventually made obsolete with firmware updates, so the only choice is to buy this inferior piece of trash for 10x the price.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by Cate H from omaha

    Because I've spent so much money in these chargers I'm switching to androids because their stuff actually works. :( to bad I kinda liked apple

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by ruby C from burrill lake

    How many new model phones, laptops and watches need to be released until Apple releases a better charger!?
    These chargers are absolute TRASH, they break so easily and don't last long AT ALL, always needing to be replaced after maximum 5 months. I keep my chargers in the same exact place, don't bend or pull at them but they still manage to stuff up within a few months

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    I’ve lost count of how many I’ve bough already

    • Written by Maria S from Frisco

    We are a family of 3 with 3 devices each - do the math. We need a lot of cables. And the cables kink and break ane peel and burn. I am tired of buting cables at $29 a pop. You seriously can’t design a better cable?

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