• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Good while lasts

    The keyboard performs as a regular laptop one should. The problem is - no durability. I’m in the second one in about two years. With the second one, I was rather careful. Never folded it except to use it rarely as a case. Mostly as a keyboard-stand. Nevertheless, it lasted as long as the first. Suddenly it simply ceased to respond. As if Apple makes it “self-destruct” after a certain time of use. Which, in my case, was very little use. Very disappointing.

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    Apple can do better, maybe??

    Initially these keyboards work fine. I have more that 100 of these deployed to users for our business. At best they last about 8 months before failing. There is apparently a known flaw with the magnetic connection between the keyboard and the device. It weakens over time and the keyboard no longer connects. I have about 20 of these sitting at my desk that have failed. Apple has a program to replace these but conveniently it requires the serial number on the keyboard to get them replaced. The serial number is laser inscribed on soft leather. The first time it gets touched, you can no longer read it. For the price, these are junk. Don't waste your money.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    So I'm about to buy the third Smart Keyboard in the three year life of my iPad Pro. Great key board, but it's not exactly robust. I work in government relations for an NGO, so my iPad lives a pretty pampered life in my backpack. Getting a little fed up with having to spend $250 every 12 months...

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    Really dissapointed about Smart key board

    As many other people I have experienced the same “accessorry not supported” issue. Otherwise, the keyboard works great when it works. However, the item broke in the 12 month and one day.

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    waste of money

    Keyboard does not work since day 1. It would take 5-10min to reconnect then would work again, but only for 5 more minutes then it stopped working. Buy it if you have $170 to throw to the trash. Really a waste of money.

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    Great when it works

    I’ve had myiPad Pro for almost 3 years. The “smart” keyboard is great as it doesn’t add much weight or bulk to the iPad Pro and works great when it works. Howver, the “accessory not supported” has become more frequent. I’m hard pressed to believe that this is a software problem. Seem s more like an intermittent cable issue in the keyboard. If this keeps up, I’ll have to look at an alternative.

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    Lasted a Few Years

    Same problem as many others. "This accessory not supported." I tried the Logitech product. Nothing wrong except it does not work well in my lap where I use it most. So its going back.

    I'll buy another Apple Smart Keyboard and get an a extended warranty. When it works its great.

    Apple: With so many complaints, you need to take a good look at what the problem is. Wake up the engineering people.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Waste. Of. Money.

    Open the box. Doesn’t work. The magnets clearly don’t align between the iPad Pro and the keyboard. When it does work it’s excellent, but that’s about 10% of the time until you bump, touch, or move the decice in any way. Oh and this thing will drain a battery in no-time flat even when the case is closed.

    It is borderline fraud that they are still offering these non-working “pro” devices to their customers. I don’t think I have ever purchased any thing that just flat out didn’t work from day 1. Especially not something at this price point. Seems to be a more and more common problem at Apple. “Oooops, the keyboard doesn’t work on your new Macbook Pro...our bad! Just go buy another one for $2,400”

    Maybe some of the hundreds of billions of dollars you paid back to yourselves could have gone in to doing the right thing here. You guys should be embarassed.

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    Works great.. until it doesn't

    I've had my iPad Pro with the Smart Keyboard case for a little over a year. Initially the smart keyboard was great but for the past two months or so it has stopped working. I will be using the keyboard just fine then randomly it will stop working and I will see a message on my screen saying that the device is not supported! I've updated the iPad, restarted it multiple times, and done just about everything I can think of to get it to work but it just won't work. I'm really disappointed in this product and would NEVER recommend it to anyone. Get an aftermarket one off Amazon for cheaper, they work better too.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    buttons hard to press

    the buttons are hard to press, disconnects often

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    Great Keyboard

    I purchased this keyboard along with the Apple Pencil and my iPad Pro. It works like a charm. I think the magnet weakens over time but the keyboard lasted and is very effective and fun. Make sure that you have it setup properly or your iPad can slide. In addition there were no flaws in design. It was perfect for using on your lap, desk or table. Once you understand how to use it. It's simple.

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    Do not Buy

    Simple. It is never recognized by the device. Tried everything recommended online both from people and by Apple and still does not work. Waste of money. Save it and get a keyboard that works from a different brand.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Love it while it works

    The feel and function of this keyboard is unbeatable. It has some texture to it while typing without being too loud. BUT, as many other people have already described, Apple is selling you a ticking time bomb.

    I was lucky enough to have my first one give out in the 11th month. The replacement they gave me lasted 16 months with painstaking care taken during that time not to stress the fragile ribbon connector (use on flat surfaces whenever possible, carefully open and close, etc.). For 2 to 2.5 years of functionality, I’m not willing to shell out another $170. I depend on my iPad for work and can’t handle the stress of fighting with it every 3 minutes to get it to work until I can get a backup in place. This latest fail popped up while I was working during an 8 hour flight, I nearly lost my mind. How does Apple get away with selling this when it KNOWS the product will fail in an unreasonably short time?!?

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    Very very very poor product

    I bought this product with my ipad pro and i'm disappointed for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the whole thing is a bit flimsy, the keyboard is flexible and doesn't attach to the ipad in a secure way, leaving it to flap about. The magnetic docking is also a bit rubbish (the keyboard frequently gets detached from the ipad when putting in and taking out of a bag and generally opening and closing the thing. I am also suffering from the problems that many others are experiencing 'device not supported' and too often the thing doesn't work. To cap it all off, it's £169 which is £50 more than the Logitech offering and considering you can get a good quality Bluetooth keyboard for about £30 I fail to see why this poorly designed, poorly manufactured and overpriced product is a worthwhile purchase. It seems to me that Apple are great at making phones, computers and ipads but absolutely terrible at making accessories. Up your game Apple !

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Frail beauty

    So after one month of using this pretty keyboard, like many others state here, it started failing. It constantly gets discouraged. What a shame.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Total lemon. Ginormously disappointed!

    Unreliable as. Whenever I want to do some serious typing, it won't get connected, showing "accessory not supported" . Then I have to wriggle, restart, reattach ... waste heaps of time. total rip-off.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Third keyboard which has now failed

    I’m an unashamed Apple fan-boy, but this product is truly abysmal. My third keyboard has now failed, each time simply not connecting with the iPad. I’ve had both previous ones replaced, but frankly I’m over it. What a shocking product!

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Worst Apple product ever

    The action of the keyboard is fine to type on. It is what it is, don’t expect the greatest typing experience ever.

    That said... it only actually connects about 50% of the time. A life of constantly connecting and disconnecting in the hopes that it’ll work. Which it rarely does, so it doesn’t actually matter if it’s good to type on. Tried every kind of clean the contacts, stand on left foot while rubbing belly counter clockwise and connecting voodoo trick. None work

    Apple replaced it the first time, because the first iteration was defective and a service advisory was issued. They wouldn’t do the same with the defective one they sent to replace the first.

    I tore it in half and threw it out. Would rather choke on a wasted $250 rather than spend another second with this price of junk.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Non-Functional right out of the box.

    I'm just gonna say it: if Jobs were alive, heads would roll. Two years in and Apple is still rolling out a horribly made product. I finally got myself the iPad Pro and Apple keyboard, and was disappointed to find the keyboard did not work right out of the box. My partner has a Logitech keyboard which worked perfectly when I attached it to the iPad.

    Get your stuff together, guys. Third parties have been making better accessories for your products than you have and they're not about to hit the $1 trillion mark.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Don't listen to the hater haters

    It was good for a while. I suspect the glowing reports are from people who haven't yet put the keyboard to much use, because, notwithstanding my extraordinary care, my 2nd Smart Keyboard just failed. I suspect the ribbon connector that is ingeniously laser cut directly into the soft hinge on the cover can only take so many bends before it breaks. Apple replaced the first one for free since it failed before the 1yr warranty had run out, this one is not under warranty so I've got to get out my wallet.

    You'll know you're getting close to failure when the structure of the cover begins to slump and the keyboard begins to lift off the table when you set it up to type. Pretty soon after that, you'll get the "this accessory is not compatible with this device" message. Then the keyboard will become intermittent. Then it will fail altogether.

    The bottom line is that the Smart Keyboard is a pretty expensive consumable accessory. If you're lucky and the 1st one fails under warranty, you'll get a replacement for roughly the same service life. That way you'll only have to pay for every 3rd once every 1 year and 8 months or so.

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