• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great case, best I’ve had, with only one complaint.

    • Written by Justin W from Prescott Valley

    I’ll start by saying I’ve had this case for a little over a year and I will NEVER choose another case. This case is everything you could ever want in an iPhone case, it looks great, offers great protection, and essentially doubles the battery life.
    It is made from a very grippy rubber so It doesn’t easily slip in your hand or off the surface that it’s resting on.
    The additional battery life is unbelievable, and I haven’t noticed a decay in the phones battery as a result of using the case, as some other brands of “smart cases” are want to do.
    The phone protection is deceivingly good, I’ve dropped my phone face down, back down, and on all corners multiple times and the phone has come out without so much as a scratch.
    However, the only issue I’ve had is that this case has begun to deteriorate; no doubt after all the falls it has taken. The top corners have begun to fall apart and peel back so every time I put it in or take it out of my pocket the corners get caught on my jeans and peel off more and more. This has also happened on the middle left side of the case as well.

    So, all things considered, for $100 I’ve been more than satisfied with the case, it could just stand to last a little longer.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Best battery case I've had!

    • Written by Benjamin U from Stillwater

    This is by far the best battery case I've used yet! I really don't like how there's some battery cases that add a full pound or more, and also add a big bulge to the back. I love the feel of the silicon and felt and the hump on the back - which I thought would be kind of weird - is surprisingly comfortable to hold, I don't find it as awkward as others say! The functionality of the case is amazing for me, I used to get about 7-8 hours on a full charge with my iPhone 7 and now I get about 15-17 hours! The single lightning port at the bottom also makes it feel surprisingly smooth. This is one of the best cases I've gotten yet, worth the money! Although If I had to make one suggestion, it would be to change the battery status symbol to show whether the battery is actually charging or the case is being used.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great product, but...

    • Written by Kelly H from Byfield

    I have used this case for over a year now and I love almost everything about it. The feel is wonderful and very comfortable. It is still compact enough and I can't say enough about the ability to have a longer runtime with my phone. My only issue is that is does kill the battery over time. My husband was using a Mophie and never turned it off, he recently had to replace his battery because his phone would die within minutes after the case battery was depleted. He brought it to apple and was told this was because he never turned off the Mophie case, and therefor ran down the max number of charges his iPhone was capable of. My phone has started to die shortly after the case is depleted, and I am using the apple case. I believe it lasted much longer than my husbands, but I wish they had worked this out before releasing the product. I am upgrading to the iPhone 7, but I am not sure I am willing to purchase another battery case at this time since they have not fixed this issue.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Perfect case for charging while not at home

    • Written by Aram S from Yerevan

    Good sides
    Smart , comfortable and durable in hand
    Real 24h medium usage
    Led indicator ( that's sexy ) ��

    Minus no botton for turn off and on

    P.S i can use it every day !
    Good case with battery for 119€

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Case but it has a downfall

    • Written by Torrance P from college park

    Love the case. At first the color was too bright, I'm thinking it would be same color to the red IPhone but its brighter. I dislike that its no on or off button to the case your phone stays charging. Hopefully I don't have battery probs in the near future. I recommend that you buy if your always on the go like myself.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Essential accessory

    • Written by daniel W from minster

    Now on my second smart case, the first lasting just under two years which I thought was more than fair use given the amount of drops it saved from phone from. Really can’t imagine having a phone without the extra juice this provides. In fact , I’m unlikely to upgrade my phone to a newer version until Apple release smart cases for newer phones ( it seems the 7 is the last to benefit from this case). Not found any issues with the functionality of the phone at all. Great product.

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