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    Garbage Case

    I’ve had this case now for under a year and it’s been replaced once by Apple because the case cracked in under a few months, and now my replacement cracked again but now they won’t replace it. It’s horrible quality.

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    Looks beautiful but no protection!

    I have always bought these silicone cases and loved them but luckily never actually dropped my phone until today... My iPhone X just fell out of my pocket as I was sat down on a chair. The gentle fall was no more than 40cm but even with this case on and a screen protector the corner of the silicon case has chipped away and ended up cracking the corner of the phone and the screen.

    An official Apple case that costs £39 should not break after a tiny fall such as this. I'm really disappointed and will not be buying another of these cases in the future.

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    I normally love these cases but...

    I ordered this marine green color, put it on my phone, used it for less than a couple hours and placed it on my wireless charging pad and by morning it looked.. burnt. It’s all over my case. None of my other cases have done this, they are the leather. This is the silicone and the first to look burnt. Maybe it’s just the lighter color. Just a heads up for those purchasing it. Mine is ruined.

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    GOOD JOB APPLE!! this case is amazing! the color is great and the case has a wonderful feeling in the hand. 10/10 would recommend again to anyone and would buy again myself

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