Apple Certified Technician - ACT2

Apple Certified Technician - ACT2

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The Apple Certified Technician Program (ACT2) trains and tests technically qualified professionals to provide state-of-the-art support on Apple digital media products, specifically Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio Pro. Certified technicians perform system installation, troubleshooting, and diagnostics through the medium of telephone support as well as on-site service and support.

Certification from Apple offers assurance that technicians have the requisite knowledge and skills to perform certain tasks on specific hardware and software in the digital video and film areas. Certification is a great way to measure your knowledge and confirm that you are technically astute, as well as a means for marketing your skill-set.

Program Goal
The goal of the program is to ensure technical proficiency and quality in supporting our mutual customer base.

Professional Prerequisites
  • Minimum of two years experience supporting non-linear editing systems
  • Minimum of six months working knowledge of Final Cut Pro
Strongly recommended prerequisites:
  • Apple Certified Support Technician
  • Three to five years experience in the video/film industry
  • Basic Final Cut Pro course offered at a Certified facility
Benefits of Participation
  • Access to password protected area on Apple website
  • Point person at Apple to assist with special needs, requests. etc
  • Use of Apple Certified Technician logo
Certification Requirements
Certification is achieved through meeting the prerequisites, completing the application, taking the mandatory class, and passing the examination.

For questions/inquiries, please send an email or letter to:

Patricia Montesion
Apple Computer
2401 Colorado Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90404

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