Devialet Phantom Wireless Speaker

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    The Devialet Phantom wireless speaker gives you the sound experience of top high-end systems for listening to the music on your iPhone or iPad—yet in an ultra-compact and powerful unit. Fusing analog and digital technologies, Phantom delivers peak sound performance, with no saturation, no distortion, and no background noise, up to 1200 Watts.

    Thanks to new high-end wireless technology (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi) and unique patented technology embedded in Phantom, you can play all your music wirelessly without generating any distortion. And with the Dialog Connector (sold separately) you can connect up to twenty-four Phantom speakers using Wi-Fi for impressive high-end, cinema, or multi-room audio experiences.


    Superb sound performance without saturation, background noise, or distortion—even at high volumes

    Plug and play set-up via new high-end Bluetooth technology

    Potential to connect two to twenty-four* Phantoms via Wi-Fi to create hi-fi, cinema, or multi-room listening experiences

    Reproduces music from 16Hz to 25kHz, even ultra-deep basses (16Hz to 50Hz), going beyond the audible spectrum to the point where you feel rather than hear it

    Hybrid analog and digital amplification for a new performance standard

    Perfect acoustic sphere from omni-directional sound experience

    Housing hermetically sealed by 1.5 tons of pressure

    Unique ultra-dense sound produced by beats of the lateral domes

    Software that evolves as free future upgrades provide new functionality and even better performance

    Two inner engines with 60 pounds of thrust force each

    Did You Notice?

    Uniquely upgradable software lets you enhance functions and performance with future updates.

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    Experiencing breathtaking wireless sound for the music on your iPhone or iPad.

    What’s in the Box

    Devialet Phantom Wireless Speaker

    Power cord

    Quick start guide

    Tech Specs

    Connections: Bluetooth, Ethernet, Optical, Wireless

    Power: 1200W

    Power Source: AC

    Height: 10.04 in./25.5 cm

    Length: 13.5 in./34.3 cm

    Width: 9.96 in./25.3 cm

    Weight: 24.25 lb./11 kg

    Manufacturer Information

    Part Number

    UPC or EAN No.: 3663424002523


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    Manufacturer Note

    *Requires Devialet Dialog Connector, sold separately.

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