BOSEbuild Speaker Cube

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  • Overview

    The BOSEbuild Speaker Cube is a build-it-yourself Bluetooth speaker that enables kids to explore the world of magnets, motion, sound, and music. The product experience is guided by an app on your iPhone or iPad that both provides animated instructions and drives different hands-on experiments.

    The first product from BOSEbuild—a new product line from Bose Corporation designed specifically for kids—the Speaker Cube takes children on a journey that starts with a basic magnet and coil and ends with them building their very own durable and great-sounding Bluetooth speaker. You and your kids can even personalize the finished Speaker Cube with colored lights and custom covers (included in the box).


    Explore the world of magnets and motion as you discover the science of sound

    In the end, you'll have built a Bluetooth speaker with Bose-quality sound

    The free BOSEbuild Sound app guides you through a series of hands-on activities

    Kids get to see inside a real product as they assemble the final speaker

    The final speaker lights up in any color and can be decorated with covers

    Intended for children 8 and older

    Did You Notice?

    The box the product comes in is part of the experience—you can turn it into a speaker as part of the exploration.

    Apple Recommends For

    Helping your child learn how speakers work by building one themselves.

    What’s in the Box

    Control panel

    Speaker panel

    Four side panels

    40 clips

    Voice coil


    12V DC power supply

    Silhouette covers

    Paper speaker template

    User guide

    Tech Specs

    Other Features: Bluetooth

    Connections: Wireless

    Bluetooth Compatiblity: Bluetooth 4.0

    Power Source: AC

    Height: 4.75 in./12 cm

    Length: 4.75 in./12 cm

    Width: 4.75 in./12 cm

    Weight: 1.75 lb./794 g

    System Requirements

    Operating System: iOS 8 or later

    Manufacturer Information

    Part Number

    Mfr. Part Number: 765185-0010

    UPC or EAN No.: 017817744249


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    Warranty: Two-year limited

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