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MekaMon Robot

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MekaMon - Next Level Robotics Gaming & AR

MekaMon - Next Level Robotics Gaming & AR

MekaMon Features Video

MekaMon are currently available in white MekAcademy and black Delta unit models.

The MekaMon is upgradable and customizable, its legs and shields are detachable, as is the weaponry.

You can play with MekaMon in AR mode to sharpen your skills and battle hostile aliens and opponents in augmented reality.

And have strategic multiplayer battles where the world around your MekaMon is the battlefield.

MekaMon - Next Level Robotics, Gaming and Augmented Reality

  • Overview

    Offering a new gaming platform, the MekaMon robot is a multifunctional, connected battle-bot with augmented reality (AR) capabilities controlled by an app on your iPhone or iPad. Now advanced robotics meets gaming and real-world action meets virtual missions. Take charge and pilot your MekaMon with your iOS device against waves of AR enemies, duel other players with Mek-to-Mek Multiplayer battle, pilot your MekaMon in the Dropzone sandbox mode and learn to code with Apple's Swift Playgrounds.

    Make it your own

    You can fully customize MekaMon—level up in game to unlock new abilities and traits, then swap in new armor, weapons, and accessories to tailor your MekaMon's appearance and tactics to suit your battle strategy.

    Jump into the action

    Battle in MekaMon is fast paced, strategic, and unforgiving. This world is easy to learn, difficult to master. Using a selection of offensive, defensive, and utility AUGs, attempt to outplay your opponent in a real-time showdown of strategic wit and piloting skill. Build out your own AUG deck with abilities that synergize with your playstyle and hone your skills as a MekaMon pilot.

    Keep developing

    MekaMon is constantly transforming as a platform. Future updates bring new game modes, animations, and AUGs. MekaMon will react to your touch, develop its own unique personality, and evolve alongside complicated behavior trees.


    Bridge the physical and augmented world with advanced robotics and AR gaming technology

    Take complete control with the MekaMon app on your iPhone or iPad

    Learn to code with Apple's Swift Playgrounds

    Multiplayer head-to-head Battle Mode pits you against other pilots in a battle to test true skill and strategy

    Hone your piloting skills against wave after wave of enemy onslaught in Simulator Mode—a king-of-the-hill training simulation

    MekaMon Arcade is mini-game central full of arcade style mini-games—quick to start, fun to share, and always updated with new features

    Customizable test drive lets you take control of your MekaMon in Dropzone, the sandbox pilot mode

    Adjust height, gait, stance, and test more than 70 unique animations in a free-play exploratory pilot mode with no limits

    Customize your MekaMon's look, feel, and behavior with seven additional Shield/Weapon Add-on slots

    Unlock new abilities and AUGs to build out your strategy to fit your playstyle

    Fluid movement and lifelike animations of unparalleled detail thanks to twelve degrees of freedom across four mechanical legs

    As your skill as a pilot increases, so does the synergy with your Meka—develop talents and abilities to bolster both your Meka’s and Pilot abilities with a persistent progression

    Ongoing updates will bring your MekaMon to life, developing its own personality and interacting with the world around it thanks to complex AI behavior trees and robotics technology

    What’s in the Box

    MekaMon Robot

    Two Fury Rifles

    Four Training Shields


    Charging adapter

    AR play mat

    Quick start guide

    MekaMon poster

    Tech Specs

    Other Features: Bluetooth

    Internet Access: Some Features Require Internet Access

    Bluetooth Compatibility: Bluetooth 4.0

    Power Source: Battery power

    Batteries: Lithium Polymer

    Battery life: Approximately 1.5 hours

    Charge Time: Approximately one hour

    Stand By Time: Approximately 48 hours

    Height: 5.9 in./15 cm

    Length: 9.84 in./25 cm

    Width: 9.84 in./25 cm

    Weight: 35.2 oz./998 g

    Manufacturer Information

    Part Number

    Mfr. Part Number: MB-WHT-US-01

    UPC or EAN No.: 720260630570


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    Warranty: 12 months

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