Everlast and PIQ Boxing Sensor System

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Everlast & PIQ Boxing Sensor System

Everlast & PIQ

Intelligence Leads To Victory

PIQ ROBOT is the revolutionary advanced sports system that thoroughly analyzes every micro-motion of your rounds

Everlast & PIQ tracks and records all your punches

Re-live your session.  Track your progress.

You’ll get access to an intelligence never seen before in the ring.

Get your boxing performance metrics, and track your progress.

See how you measure up to your friends and the community

PIQ ROBOT identifies your strengths, leverage them to WIN

Everlast and PIQ

  • Overview

    A knockout combination, the Everlast and PIQ Boxing Sensor System combines PIQ ROBOT Blue sensors and Everlast hand wraps to give you detailed tracking of your workouts on your iPhone or iPad. The system's intelligent power helps you start improving your punches based on real-time information. By pointing out your Winning Factors and areas for improvement, PIQ starts guiding you to victory.

    With PIQ ROBOT Blue you can see details about your punch technique and then find ways to improve. See a detailed dashboard with your performance logged daily, weekly, or monthly. PIQ's intelligent system knows exactly how much power and speed went into each punch.

    The PIQ sensor is shock resistant, waterproof, lightweight, and ultra-thin. Simply strap the sensor to the Everlast wrist strap and start tracking data right away. Compare your performance round after round or day by day. Share your data with your coach and create targeted training plans.

    Here's what you get. Punch Breakdown offers a detailed view of punch count and type for each session. Punch Measurements record your speed of punch, your G-force at impact, and your retraction time for all your punch types. And Leaderboard shows how you measure up to your friends and online community—just share your Winning Factors online, and watch as you climb in the rankings.


    Tracks each type of punch thrown, giving you a detailed breakdown of punch count by type per workout

    Compatible with all kinds of workouts—shadow boxing, bag, mitt training, and sparring

    Analyzes each type of punch thrown, breaking down the stats to show speed, impact, and reaction time

    Great for cardio boxing—tracks and shows calories burned during a cardio workout

    Winning factors feature tells you instantly what you did well and where you need to focus your practice

    Integrates with Apple Health app

    Offers in-app access to additional training content

    What’s in the Box

    Two PIQ ROBOT Blue sensors

    Two Everlast & PIQ strap accessories

    Two PIQ ROBOT chargers

    Tech Specs

    Other Features: Health App Compatible, Waterproof, Wireless

    Internet Access: Some Features Require Internet Access

    Connections: USB-A

    Bluetooth Compatibility: Bluetooth 4.0

    Power Source: USB

    Batteries: Lithium Polymer

    Battery life: Approximately 8 hours

    Charge Time: Approximately 2.5 hours

    Height: 0.2 in./0.54 cm

    Length: 1.7 in./4.4 cm

    Width: 1.5 in./3.88 cm

    Weight: 0.35 oz./9.8 g

    Manufacturer Information

    Part Number

    Mfr. Part Number: BMBOXEAPST1

    UPC or EAN No.: 3760241955725


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    Warranty: One year

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