Compulocks Blade Lock Slot Adapter with Combination Cable Lock for MacBook and iPad

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  • Overview

    The Compulocks Blade is a universal lock that allows you to secure any MacBook or iPad with an ultra-strong retractable locking slot. The Blade's adhesive bracket attaches to any device with at least seven inches of flat surface area and incorporates a standard cable lock slot to the tip of the retractable blade. The Blade’s minimalist style essentially hides it from plain site and is designed to complement your MacBook or iPad when in use.

    Adding the Blade to your MacBook or iPad can also improve airflow and ventilation to help maintain optimal device operating temperature. Though simple in design the Blade universal lock is extremely tough and durable with the ability to hold up to 150 pounds of weight.


    Universal Lock is compatible with any MacBook or iPad

    Industrial-strength 3M VHB adhesive

    Retractable "Blade" standard security slot

    Extreme durability—can hold in excess of 150 pounds of force

    Slightly raises MacBook or iPad to enhance airflow and ventilation

    Creates an ergonomic handheld grip when used with iPad

    Did You Notice?

    The lock slot works with all standard cable locks.

    Apple Recommends For

    Securing your MacBook or iPad in public areas such as cafes, dorm rooms, and offices.

    What’s in the Box

    Compulocks Blade Lock Slot Adapter

    Cable (6 ft./1.83 m) with combination lock

    Installation kit

    Tech Specs

    Form Factor: Ultra-Thin

    Material: Hard Plastic

    Height: 0.31 in./0.8 cm

    Length: 7 in./17.4 cm

    Width: 1.6 in./4.1 cm

    Weight: 3.2 oz./90 g

    Manufacturer Information

    Part Number

    Mfr. Part Number: BLD01CL

    UPC or EAN No.: 854340005917


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    Warranty: One year

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