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Spire Health Tag Sleep, Stress, and Activity Tracker (3-pack)

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Spire Health Tag


The Spire Health Tag reimagines what technology can do for your health.

[Spire Health Tag is displayed adhered to boxers.]


It’s designed to just disappear and only notify me when it can help.

[Woman washing dishes.]


And the best part? All I have to do is get dressed.

[Woman picking out clothing and putting hair up.]


Here’s how it works: get a pack of Spire Health Tags and tag the clothes that you wear most often.

[Unpacking Health Tags and peeling adhesive off.]


I tagged my bras.

[Woman placing Health Tag on bra.]


my underwear.

[Displays boxers with Health Tags on them.]


my pajamas.

[Woman placing Health Tag on pajamas.]


my gym shorts.

[Displays Health Tags on gym shorts.]


Each Tag has a battery that lasts over a year and a half, and they’re completely washer and dryer proof.

[Clothing with Health Tags on them is placed in the washer.]


I don’t have to remember to wear them or charge them, literally. I tag my clothes, and never have to think about them again.

[Man walking towards the gym to workout.]


My clothes are smart.

[Health Tags are displayed on bras.]


The Tag measures my activity, heart-rate, sleep, and even monitors my breathing patterns and it gives me small changes I can make that have a big impact.

[Man working out, sleeping, seeing phone notifications.]


Now, I can finally understand how my sleep, exercise, and stress affect each other. With all of its sensors and all of its insights, the Spire Health Tag is an easy commitment to my health that doesn’t add anything else to my life.

[Woman seeing phone notifications, breathing calmly, and presenting at a meeting. Man happily working out.]

[Spire outro]

  • Overview

    Spire Health Tags along with a companion app on your iPhone help you easily track and improve your health. Attach Health Tags to the clothing you wear most often (underwear, bras, pajamas, and more), and then forget about them. They're ultra-comfortable, never need charging, are waterproof, and are washer/dryer safe. Built-in clinical-grade sensors track your sleep, stress, activity, heart rate, and respiratory patterns, enabling the app to provide a dashboard of your progress, guided exercises, and personalized recommendations to help you sleep better, reduce stress and be more active.

    Just get dressed

    Simply apply Spire Health Tags to the inside of your bras, underwear, running shorts, or pajamas. You won’t see them, feel them, or experience any daily hassle of re-attaching them.

    Sleep better every night

    Understand your sleeping patterns, get recommendations on how to improve your sleep, and check your progress along the way.

    Reduce your stress with the Breath Guide

    Spire’s advanced respiration sensor monitors every breath you take. By sensing your breathing, Spire identifies when you’re tense and provides guided breathing exercises to help you achieve calm.

    Easily track your activity

    Never forget to “start” or “stop” an activity again. Health Tags automatically log your steps, calories, and heart rate. Plus, Health Tags are waterproof and sweatproof for any workout.

    Be guided to better health with LiveInsights

    LiveInsights provide personalized, real-time notifications powered by Spire’s machine learning algorithms, helping identify opportunities to improve your health.

    See your health progress

    See daily detailed summaries of your sleep patterns, stress levels, and activity. Learn how one aspect of your health might be affecting another and how you can make improvements.

    No charging or worrying—just 24/7 insights

    Health Tags are waterproof and washer/dryer safe, so you can just toss your clothes in the laundry as you normally would. Batteries last for up to 1.5 years, and Spire will replace them for free with optional Spire+ membership.


    Better understand your sleep and how you can improve it

    Reduce stress levels using Spire’s breath guide

    Track your activity (steps, calories, heart rate) without needing to log workouts

    Attach Health Tags to clothing once and forget about them

    Spire LiveInsights—personalized, real-time notifications—help identify how you can improve your health

    Includes $30 credit toward optional Spire+ membership

    What’s in the Box

    Three Spire Health Tag Sleep, Stress, and Activity Tracker

    User manual

    Tech Specs

    Other Features: HomeKit Compatible, Waterproof

    Bluetooth Compatibility: Bluetooth 4.0

    Power Source: Battery power

    Batteries: Lithium Ion

    Battery life: Approximately 1.5 years

    Height: 0.6 cm/0.24 in. (Single tag)

    Length: 5.33 cm/2.1 in. (Single tag)

    Width: 3.2 cm/1.26 in. (Single tag)

    Weight: 9.5 g /0.34 oz. (Single tag)

    Manufacturer Information

    Part Number

    Mfr. Part Number: HT1-03

    UPC or EAN No.: 858602005189


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    Warranty: One year

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