Anker PowerCore Fusion Power Delivery Battery and Charger

  • $79.95
  • Color - White

Watch the video by ANKER.

PowerCore Fusion Power Delivery Introduction

PowerCore Fusion Power Delivery

Titles introduce a 3D-rendered portable battery and wall charger.

They collide into an explosion of blue powder with ‘2-in-1’ text.

The Anker logo shines across the screen.

Fast cuts of PowerCore Fusion’s details appear.

The top port is shown to output 30W, with the bottom port at 15W.

PowerCore Fusion is shown in ‘Wall Charger Mode’ simultaneously charging a tablet and laptop.

After being removed from the wall and having its plug folded away, PowerCore Fusion is shown outside being plugged into a phone.

Text reads ‘Portable Charger Mode’.

A view of PowerCore Fusion’s interior appears with chips and components. A GaN chip lowers into place. The text reads: ‘Galium Nitride Technology Enables a Compact Build’.

Data is shown racing along the circuit into a ‘PD’ chip. Text reads: ‘High-Speed Charging with USB-C Power Delivery’.

PowerCore Fusion is shown in the wall again charging a tablet and laptop. Text reads: ‘Charge MacBook, iPad, and Other Devices From the Wall’.

PowerCore Fusion is shown on grass charging two phones. Text reads: ‘Charge 2 Phones or Tablets On-the-Go’.

A black and white PowerCore Fusion sit next to each other with the product name written to the side. ‘PowerCore Fusion Power Delivery’.

The Anker logo is shown on a plain blue background with the subtitle: ‘America’s Leading Charging Brand’ and the Anker website below ‘’.