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Anker Ultra-Compact 30W USB-C Power Delivery Wall Charger

  • $49.95

watch the video by ANKER

PowerPort Atom PD 1 Introduction

PowerPort Atom PD 1

A white dot appears in a three-dimensional space. Several white lines emerge from the dot, eventually forming a cube. The cube turns white and becomes a charger.

The charger rotates. The scene changes to a desktop. A golf ball is rolling across the desk. The golf ball stops next to the charger. Copy appears: “One of Our Smallest Chargers Ever”

Cut to a close up of the Anker logo on the side of the charger.

The charger rotates to show a close up of a USB-C port.

The image enters the USB-C port, moving quickly through the interior of a wire with flashing blue and orange lines moving around the sides.

A microchip appears with “GaN” printed on the center.

Cut to a circuit board. The microchip falls and lands in the circuit board. The words “Powered by Gallium Nitride (GaN)” appear.

The microchip turns blue, and blue bolts of electricity emanate from the microchip to the surrounding circuit board.

The words “Smaller Size, Undiminished Power” appear. The outer squares of the circuit board begin to fold away until only a small square of circuit board remains.

The image accelerates rapidly across blue lines on the circuit board.

Cut to a rotor. The rotor begins spinning rapidly. Copy on the center reads “00W”. As the rotor spins, the number begins to increase in increments of 2 until it reads “30W”.

A microchip with “PD” printed on the center appears. Copy reads “Power Delivery Fast Charging Technology”.

The shot moves backwards away from the microchip, eventually emerging from a wall outlet.

We see a desktop. A charger is plugged into a wall outlet above the desk and is charging a MacBook. Copy reads "Full-Speed Charging for MacBook”.

The image rotates as if moving around the wall. We see another desk on the other side of the wall. The same charger is plugged into the wall outlet and is charging an iPad. Copy reads “High-Speed Charging for iPad”.

The image rotates to show another desk on the other side of the wall. The same charger is plugged into the wall outlet and is charging an iPhone. The copy reads “High-Speed Charging for iPhone”.

The shot zooms in on the charger. A hand appears from the right and removes the charger from the wall outlet and places it in a bag.

Cut to the charger dropping down. The copy reads “PowerPort Atom PD 1”.

Cut to a blue background. The words “Charge Fast, Live More” appear.

Cut to the word “Anker” appearing across a blue background. A note at the bottom of the screen reads “Anker is a brand under Anker Innovations Ltd.”, along with an Anker logo.