Can Siri access the internet from HomePod?

Example; Hey Siri what is the definition of "something"?


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    Yes absolutely. She can pretty much do anything your phone can.

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  • yes.

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  • Actually, there are lots of things it can answer and help with and lots of things it tells you it can't, and those things usually point to a web search, something that is much easier to deal with with a screen. But there are many more normal things that are very helpful in daily life, such as checking your schedule, setting alarms, telling you jokes, making phone calls, checking the weather, playing podcasts, telling you the temperature, the time, etc. It will also do math problems and tell you the square root of Pi, etc.
    It won't order takeout or shoes from Amazon, but it also won't steal your data. It's just about smart enough for me, because I consider it as a speaker rather than a siri-substitute for my iPhone. Anything it does besides play music and audio is a bonus IMHO.

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