Will the quality of the picture change?

I have Canon EOS1100D. It`s 12.2 mega-pixels. Will the quality of the pictures change if I put them in my iPad. It`s just that I want to edit the photos on my iPad and share them on FB, Twitter, Instagram etc. and I don`t want the quality to change...

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  • I myself have a 12 megapixel Pentax camera and use my iPad almost exclusively for RAW photo editing with no noticeable loss of picture quality.
    While the iPad does have limitations I have never expirienced any issues with editing large photo files .
    I load the photos directly from my camera and use a terrific app called photogene to edit the Raw files and then save or upload them as JPG.

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    Most ipad apps do have a " limit" to there resolution but some do not. Keep in mind this is a software only limit and not an ipad hardware limit. With the right app your resolution should not change. But, the iPads has a weak spot ( all of them ) and its a shortage of ram. There is just not enough to do heavy graphics work ( for that you need a computer laptop or workstation system with loads of power and ram) . I do pictures regularly that get into the GB sizes per photo and this would trash my iPads . With that in mind, a 12 + megapixel picture for Facebook/ Instagram or email for example is for the most part complete overkill and a down sized resolution of just 2-3K would still be stunning on a retina screen. The ipad would do a fine job simply re-coloring or retro affecting / resizing your pictures before sending. Remember , the larger the picture the slower it goes, the more bandwidth it uses and the more it will cost you to send and for your friend to receive ( especially when the overage charges come in).

    My 2 cents,

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