Is iPhone 6s case same size as iPhone 8?

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    They do have the same dimensions but most cases do not fit the iPhone 8 due to the camera design

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  • The 6S case is about the same size as the iPhone 8 but it would NOT fit perfectly due to the iPhone 8 rear camera placement.

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  • iPhone 6 and 6s are the same size as an iPhone 8 But the Way The camera is Put the cover will block the Camera

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  • Both the iPhobe 6s and iPhone 8 do have the same size, but here are the problems why the case for the iPhone 6s won’t fit on iPhone 8: The camera on iPhone 8 is too big for the size that the iPhone 6s case can protect. Also since the iPhone 8 doesn't have the headset jack, instead it just has speakers, the iPhone 6s case will only cover the speakers, not making it sound good. So just buy (at least) the iPhone 7 case or the actual iPhone 8 case!

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  • No it isnt

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  • they do have similar size but but camera size is totally different so you can't use iPhone 6s case on 8.

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  • No because the iphone 6s has a headphone jack and the iphone 8 does not and plus the iphone 6s is bigger than the 8

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  • No

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  • no

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  • no

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