Purchased Amazon unlocked iPhone, but does not work with my Costa Rica carrier. Apple says it's only US Unlocked and not worldwide. Can be unlocked?

I did purchase a fully unlocked iPhone through Amazon, in which I shipped it to Costa Rica. Once here I get signal but I am not able to activate it since I get an error message that says SIM not supported. I reach out to apple and they stated that it was unlocked but since it's sold by a 3rd party, is only unlocked for the US Market. Can it be unlocked? Do you know any constraints in which sometimes it's only locked for worldwide and unlocked only for US?


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  • Hi! May I ask if it was an iphone 8 and what model number? I have the same question as you. Trying to figure out if I should buy an unlocked iPhone or choose one that is sold for AT&T and then pay for it in full to have it unlocked so I can use it in Perú. I believe Costa Rica and Perú use a GSM network. The Unlocked iphone 8 model number is A1863, and the one for AT&T is A1905. Which one did you buy? The number is usually on the box or the documentation and for older iPhones on the back of the device. According to Apple the unlocked phone should work anywhere as long as the carrier bands are supported but they also have a website where they list the iPhone models and the countries where they work (Costa Rica and Peru are only mentioned for the AT&T model (A1905)

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