would it stay inside the ear when u run or moving a lot?

For a explain moving the head a lot

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    I think I might have at last found the perfect ear phones! I got my Apple air pods yesterday and had some anxiety about whether they would do the job after spending £160 on them. To start gently I popped down the gym and had a go on the treadmill, spinning bike, rowing machine and a good selection of various weight machines etc. No problem they never budged and I went away very happy wondering if they would pass the test on an outdoor run.
    So out I went this morning and did a 15 miler; again not a problem they didn't move once. The weather was quite wet and some rain would have got into my ears but they didn't budge. I had read a few reviews one of which mentioned that it sometimes feels as if they are coming out but don't so I bore this in mind when occasionally (and only in one ear) it felt as if they were shifting. I didn't touch them when I noticed this and it quickly passed without any problem.
    I was running for 1 hour 56 mins on max volume and it used 54% of the battery power. When I got in I put them in the case for 12 mins and they had recharged fully. This is another massive bonus for me in that the storage case holds 24 hours of charge and very quickly recharges the air pods. Another bonus is the fact that by holding the pods to your phone the amount of battery life left both in the storage case and in the air pods is displayed. The case is tiny and small enough that if you are planning on an activity over 4 hours it is easy enough to take the case along.
    I'm not overly fussy on sound quality etc and certainly no expert on bass and all that but the quality is better than most other ear phones I have used (and that's a lot). Because they don't seal into your ear you can hear the background but not significantly so and only if its quite loud. I also took a call when out and the clarity from both ends was excellent.

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  • Most reviews have suggested they stay in pretty well, but the best thing to go by, is if the regular wired EarPods stay in your ear well, then there's no reason the AirPods shouldn't, since they're basically structured like a wireless version of those.

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