Are they compatible with Windows computers?

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    Yes! As long as your computer has bluetooth, these can be paired like any other device. They work great on my Windows 10 Dell laptop at work.

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  • As long as your computer has a compatible Bluetooth adapter, then yes. I have a laptop with Windows 10 Pro and Bluetooth, and I was able to pair them just fine.

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  • This is a question, not an answer. I'd like more details on how the Air Pods switch between a Windows 10 PC with Bluetooth and an iPhone. I realize from previous answers that the Air Pods can be made to work on a Windows PC. But I'd like to know more about how seamless this is.

    I assume that once paired to the PC, the PC can connect to the Air Pods just by clicking on the Bluetooth icon in the Windows systray and telling Windows to connect to the already paired Air Pods. And I assume that I can then listen and talk to Windows as I could with any Bluetooth headset.

    But what happens next? Do the Air Pods remain connected to both the Windows PC and the iPhone. I assume the mike would not be speaking to both. But can the headphone portion of the Air Pods hear both? In other words, if I'm watching a Khan Academy lecture on Windows and receive a call on my iPhone, can I just pause the lecture and accept the iPhone call with no additional hunting, swiping and clicking? That would be nice, wouldn't it?

    If that's not a feature, then what must I do to switch back to the iPhone and how long does it take? Can it be done fast enough to answer a phone call?

    (By the way, it seems strange to me that this information is not more prominently available. Is it available somewhere I haven't found? I believe a large majority of iPhone users are like me. We are thoroughly integrated into Windows and iPhone -- Windows for large screen reading, viewing and heavy processor work and iPhone for phone calls and for handy instant-on access to light reading, viewing and calculations.)

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