Is it possible to daisy chain the cable to get larger distances?

You could do a Thunderbolt device in the middle, what is the cheapest 2 port device?

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    Yes you can daisy-chain with these cables. But they do not provide power like the copper thunderbolt cables. So if you daisy-chain with these cables any devices connected behind these optical cables will require their own power source.

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  • Yes, pretty much.

    You can daisy chain from device1 to device2 using this optical Thunderbolt cable to connect them, as long as when using this optical cable, any connected devices have their OWN power (i.e. not draw power from the Mac).

    To connect more (self-power supply) devices with a second Tbolt port on them to the end of the chain, you can use shorter cheaper COPPER Tbolt cables or another one of these long optical ones.

    Mac -> (OPTICAL Tbolt cable) -> self-powered storage device1 -> (COPPER tbolt cable) -> self-powered storage device2 -> Apple Thunderbolt Display*.

    Mac -> Apple Thunderbolt Display* -> (OPTICAL Tbolt cable) -> self-powered storage device1 -> (COPPER Tbolt cable) -> self-powered storage device2.

    *Apple Thunderbolt Displays have their own built-in copper Tbolt cable, of course.

    Not sure of cheapest device with 2 Tbolt ports on, but searching Apple Store, they sell the self-powered "LaCie eSATA Hub Thunderbolt Series" for around 180 bucks (with ports: 2x Tbolt + 2x eSata).

    Great cable, it does the job as well as the shorter copper ones, and works with Tbolt 2 devices as well!
    Hope this helps.

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  • Yes. The cables can be used to daisy chain devices just like a regular Thunderbolt cable.

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  • Simple answer: No.

    BUT, there is a way...

    Install a powered Thunderbolt 2 Hub between the 2 Thunderbolt cables, and you are set. For example, install a Promise Technologies Pegasus 2 R8 Hard Drive which has 2 Thunderbolt jacks. Connect one Corning Cable from your computer with the other end to the Pegasus R2. Then connect one out of the hard drive array to your next device. This works 100%.

    You cannot daisy chain without a powered hub.

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