Will it display ebooks and pdf files?

Will the ebook and preview applications work with the VGA Adapter to display ebooks and pdf files?

Apple 30-pin to VGA Adapter

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    Yes ... PDF files display well using the GoodReader application version 2.8

    I wanted to use my iPad to project a ppt presentation I converted to PDF. After synching the PDF into my iPad as a GoodReader document I was able to open GoodReader, see the document in the list and on the very bottom right of the iPad screen there is a set of pop up menus. One of them is shaped as a flatscreen icon. If the vga adapter is plugged in to a VGA display device like a projector or a large monitor, the icon is active (not gray) and can be selected with a finger tap.

    Opening the document now shows it on both the iPad and the via display device.

    I posted this note because it took me a little time to notice the icon in the GoodReader app, it's new enough that there aren't good instructions yet on the GoodReader website and I didn't see any other comments when I searched for advice.

    IPad PDF presentations work well in this application.

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  • It depends on the app. GoodReader has enabled output for PDF files.

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  • Yes, it will display PDFs, Word, Pages, Excel, and other document formats!

    BUT you need an app for that!

    I'm trying out the following three, and all seem to work well (albeit differently from each other such that I'll probably just keep them all for a while):


    Haven't tried them with ebooks yet, but it's a good question so I'll try it out.



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  • Didn't display a PDF file that I tested this afternoon. The file was an email attachment.

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