Can the airpod pro be connected to both iPhone and android phone simultaneously?

I use iphone 11 pro max and a samsung phone. And hence I am looking out for an option where in I can use the same airpod for both the devices simultaneously.

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  • From EXPERIENCE they can connect SIMULTANEOUSLY - however, unlike (so far as I see) my BOSE PULSE Bluetooth earphones can be connected to my IPAD PRO and my Google Pixel 4XL and while watching HULU only iPad and my phone rings- the headphones will seamlessly pause my video on IPAD and connect to my Android phone. While testing this on my AirPods pro I noted that THOUGH they can be connected simultaneously and show the Bluetooth connection at the same time - while watching a video on my IPAD and then made a call on my phone -- it DID NOT switch Bluetooth devices. I did the "test" vise versa - while listening to music on my phone and then attempting audio-video on my iPad - again no switch. I noted ALSO that in BOTH attempts, I had to reconnect to the device after the switch tests. I'm still playing around with it - maybe it is a lack of update or something but my BOSE PULSE was "connect and play" with seamlessness Btwn IPAD & ANDROID ... I'm hoping the AIRPODS PRO can manage the same with a little FINAGLE. Here's to hoping.

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  • I am trying to find an answer to this same question. I know Jabra 65T can connect to an I phone and Samsung at the same time and I think this should be theoretically possible for all Bluetooth 5 devices. But Airpod pro is Bluetooth 5 and only allowed to switch between apple devices from the answers I see. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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  • This is not possible, and would not be possible no matter what Bluetooth headphones you were using. These can be paired to a Samsung phone, and if they were, they would default to playing on that phone. The AirPods are seen as one Bluetooth device, not two separate devices, so they could only be connected to one phone at a time.

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