airport express base station default configuration

what's the default configuration?
Bridge mode and allow any wireless client?

Reason for asking:
Thinking of buying an airport express base station in US when traveling with iPod Touch and no laptop.

Would i be able use the airport express (in its default configuration) as a bridge connected to a hotel room wired port and then use iPod Touch wireless?

AirPort Express Base Station with 802.11n

AirPort Express Base Station with 802.11n

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    I just did exactly what you are asking about - travelling in US with my ipad and iphone, fed up with hotels offering free wired internet in the rooms, so purchased an AirPort express hoping it would do the right thing. Connected the ethernet cable, plugged in the mains and waited....... the manual tells you you have to use the supplied CD on a mac or PC to configure the device, so I thought maybe it was not going to work, but after about 90 seconds a new Apple wireless network popped up and I was online with my iphone and ipad!!! Fantastic.
    Only downside is that until I get a chance to set up security the wireless network is open to anyone within range, although this is limited to 10 clients and I have 3 in use already.
    Now if only apple would allow configuration of the device over wifi like most normal routers do........ ;)
    I guess the same could have been done with virtually any wireless access point, like those from Belkin or Netgear/Cisco, but the apple unit is so neat and portable, and has the ability to support a USB printer and stream audio too - so not only will it be traveling with me on every trip, it is also going to be real useful at home too.
    Hope this helps answer your question.

  • No, out of the box you first need to setup the Express base station using AirPort Utility (installed on any computer that meets the above "System Requirements for setup and administration") so that it's ready to be used upon connection when traveling. (You might be able to use some one else's Mac at the store where you buy an Express).

    Give a name and password protection to the Express itself. Setup with AirPort Utility should be to create a new network, also DHCP assignment of IP address. Also name your wireless network and add password protection other than the default "public." Continue to completion and then "Update."

    You can avoid having to enter your network password every time you want iPod Touch to get on your network by doing the following authentication -

    Again open AirPort Utility and then in the "Base Station" menu at the very top of your screen select "Manual Setup" followed by (in the same menu) select "Add Wireless Clients..." and continue to make the next selection so that your iPod Touch can interact with AirPort Utility and become permanently authenticated. Again "Update."

    It will thereafter be able to automatically authenticate and connect to your wireless network without requiring a password entry. Be patient when connecting each time, as it can take a minute or more for the Express to power up and then recognize your iPod Touch.