Anyone using a thunderbolt display with a MBP with Retina Display? Is it the same clarity?

If not, what is the best option for a larger display with a 13inch retina display MBP?

Apple Thunderbolt Display (27" flat panel)

Apple Thunderbolt Display (27" flat panel)

Product No Longer Available

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    I picked up a Thunderbolt display about 7 mos ago to go along with myMBProRetina that is loaded out to the max with memory and a static HD that is 750GB+/-. I am actually looking to pick up a second one and have been hoping they would go down a bill or two but that hasn't happened. I am on my system 8-12 hours a day and love it. There is a slight difference but I don't feel the need to keep the monitor so close to my screen that really notice it. I do scale the TB down to 2048X1152 and keep it about two feet away from my face. This way I am not squinting to see the little things. I am a part time but very serious photographer and in Aperture quite a bit as well as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. It is real nice to have the space to view and go through my workflow after a shoot and keep the too bars and other items for editing on my MBPro Screen. I have two small complaints: The heat kicked off the screen can be stout at times. My cure was a small desk fan that pulls air across my keyboard and into the screen so I really dont feel the heat anymore. The second is that I wish there was some sort of utility that came with the TB display that would allow you to set it up with personal preferences so that when you plug in, whatever you have attached to the TB display automatically comes active, like my Harmon Kardon Speakers vs the internal MBPro Speakers which are really dinky for $3,500 worth of investment in my laptop. I also hook up a PreSonus AudioBox 22VSL audio interface for recording from a mixing board that I have. I have to hook it directly to my MBPro and wish I could hook it up to my TB. It just wont work if not directly to my MBPro. Lastly is he iSite Camera... FaceTime is a little whacky when you crank it up. It has a tough time trying to figure out which camera to default to . Hope all this helped. I have two MBPro's an iMac and just purchased a mini with Server OSX. You can not go wrong when you have nothing but the best to work with.

  • It's an excellent option for a larger display. It's clear, but not the same resolution (ppi) as the Retina Display.

    Retina Display is not about size, it's about pixel density. Retina Displays are found on the current iPhones, iPads with Retina Display and the Retina MacBook Pro 13 and 15 inch.

    Let your eyes be the judge. If you're near an Apple Retail Store you should take a look and see if the current Thunderbolt Display meets your needs. It's much more than just a display.

  • Thank you Marshall! What I would be using this for is reading contracts, comparing documents etc. Would you say to have the thunderbolt display at a readable size that it is good quality compared to the retina display on the MBP?