Can Hue be used with a home automation system like Xfinity Home or AT&T digital life?

Not entirely sure how either of these systems work, but interested in both. I'm guessing that the automation may simulate a dimmer (which is not good for the Hue), but it might be possible to just bypass the automation for the Hue bulbs (i.e. don't put the automation device on the Hue outlets).....anyone tried this yet?

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    The Hue lights can be controlled by home automation systems using the public API. I have a custom home automation system and integrating the Hue lights was very easy. There are also many third-party apps for Hue lights due to this easy, open API that Philips exposed. If your particular home automation system does not support Philips Hue yet, you can send a request to the vendor. These are popular, so it would be a good addition to most systems.