Can i connect more than 3 airport express to extend my WiFi signal

Hello. My house have a big terrain, so I have 10 WIFI cameras, and I need to extend the wifi signal so I could connect with a good speed all the cameras. So I'm thinking of connecting for example 4 airport express, and 1 of them will be connected to Internet and the other ones will extend the signal. It could be done and work properly?. How many airport express I could connect?. Thanks!!!

AirPort Express

AirPort Express

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    Hi, My house is big and has thick walls so I can't cover it with only one wifi router.
    I use 2 Airport Extremes and one Airport Express with no problems.
    Set up the first Airport device connected to your internet modem or router, then set up the others to extend the network.
    They can be connected together by ethernet cables (I find this more reliable) or by wifi only.
    I don't know what the limit is for the number of Airport devices, but if it can do 3, I bet it can do 4.