Can I connect my apple keyboard and track pad to this monitor so that when I switch computer, I do not need to switch keyboard and track pad?

I am thinking of buying an apple monitor and use it for my apple laptops. Can I use it as a full docking station so that the only thing I need to switch is the power and thunderbold cable.

Apple Thunderbolt Display (27" flat panel)

Apple Thunderbolt Display (27" flat panel)

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    Yes. The monitor has 3- 2.0 USB inputs in the back. You can have all your input devices plugged in already or use wireless keyboard and mouse instead leaving the USB ports available for your printer or other devices. You will need to purchase a USB hub at some point to plug in other items, they are not that expensive but you need to make sure that the hub is a powered hub which does not rely on the power supplied by the monitors power supply.

  • If the keyboard is a wired model you may connect it to the display. The Apple Trackpad is a Bluetooth wireless device and communicates with the computer, not the display. Any wireless devices will need to be paired with the computer in use.