Can I edit pdf files in iWork?

The question is just what it says. I have a pdf file - can I edit and save the file?

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QA iWork - single and family pack

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    The IWork Apps (Pages, Numbers, and Keynote) will not open a PDF file. PDF files can be inserted into documents made by these apps.

    All three of these apps can be used to create PDF files. One of the ways this can be accomplished in all three apps is by accessing Share->Export... from the menu bar and choosing the PDF option.

    Mac OSX's native application "Preview" is the default app on the platform for opening, annotating and editing PDF files.

    Editing tasks within Preview are limited and appear to be mainly concentrated on page operations (rotation, deletion, re-ordering etc). Annotation, however, is robust, and includes drawing tools, links, notes, highlighting, strikethrough, underline etc. Annotation attributes are handled via the inspector.

  • PDF files are editable by Adobe Acrobat, just as in windows. You'll find that neither Office nor IWork will have the ability to edit them, although they do have the ability to create them.

  • This is one of those, it depends, type of questions. It depends on how the file was created, and the options used by the original creator of the PDF.

    Typically if nothing else you can select and copy the material into a Pages document, and then save that.

  • What KIND of editting is needed, THAT is the question. PDFs can easily be annotated using Preview within any Mac with Snow Leopard. The only thing I have not been able to do is insert images. However, you could edit the PDF with Preview and then insert it into Pages. THEN you would be able to insert the image! Hope this helps!