Can I hook this up to my TV set? I'm looking for one solution for my "i" devices and my TV.

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Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker

Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker

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    Yes if your television has a 3.5mm out, optical out (only PCM uncompressed audio is supported meaning Dolby Digital or DTS is a no go), or RCA output.

  • YES. use a cable, i using "optical" one. no issues. if ya want other than optical, you have old fashioned choices also.

    my big problem is quality of bluetooth. researching it, but have not found issue yet. breaks up in less than 2 meters distance. can't believe its not a user error, but, time will tell.

    awesome look and sound. "Stanmore" did a great deal buying right to use "Marshall" name; or whatever the real business deal is/was.

    apple could have more of the controls integrated into their bluetooth software. probably will with time. like "pairing" and "change input mode"