Can i hook up a DVR to this screen using HDMI to DMI but i will still need speakers right?

I asked this question because im looking for a new TV but I've been wanting to use an Apple Cinema.

Apple Cinema HD Display (30" flat panel)

Apple Cinema HD Display (30" flat panel)

Product No Longer Available

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    Not only will you need speakers, what you want to do probably won't work. The 30" display requires a dual-link HDMI/DVI connection, which a cable box probably won't have. Why do you want to use the 30" display as a TV? The selling point of this display is the very high resolution, which is not required for even HDTV. Get a real TV, and it will cost less and suit your requirements better.

  • Yes, you can try it, but I can't get it to work with my Direct TV box or my PS3. The power light just blinks on the screen, meaning the two won't talk.