Can I import my quickbooks file from Windows?

I have my buisness quikbooks file in a windows machine. If I buy the MAC vesrsion can Import this file?

QuickBooks for Mac 2012

QuickBooks for Mac 2012

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    I just did it and it was easy. First you do a regular backup just in case. Then under file there is a button that says backup to QB for MAC. Then essentially you use that file to reopen on the mac.

    The MAC version is a little different than the Windows version and takes a little getting use to. Also if you use assisted payroll( the one that they do everything including the filing for you) it does not work with the MAC.

  • Yes but there is no online bill pay on the Mac which is a huge deal to most so if you are doing on line bill pay on your PC, you will not be able to on the Mac!

  • Yes, but first you must convert it to a QuickBooks for Mac-compatible format. In QuickBooks for Windows, go to File > Utilities > "Copy company file for QuickBooks Mac". Note that Intuit only supports importing to QuickBooks for Mac 2012 from QuickBooks for Windows (Pro, Premier) 2012, 2011, and 2010. If you have an earlier Windows version, it may not work.

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