Can I plug a microphone into the Gio for recording or do I need to also buy "apogee one"?

Apogee GiO Guitar Interface

Apogee GiO Guitar Interface

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    The Gio does not have a microphone input. For mic, you can use a) the Apogee "One" which has an onboard mic, b) the Apogee "ONE" with an external mic (connected via XLR cable), c) the Apogee "Duet" with 1 or 2 external mics (connected via XLR cable), or d) a separate USB mic such as the "Yeti" from Blue Microphones.

    The Gio, Apogee "One", and (of course) a USB mic all connect to the Mac via USB, so you'd need at least 2 USB ports free on the computer if you want to use a Gio plus one of the other USB options.

    The Apogee "Duet" connects to the Mac via FireWire, so you would need a Mac with a FireWire port (ie a MacBook wouldn't work, but a MacBook Pro would).